Monday, August 11, 2008

Fake Bishop alert

They don't know how to identify him. Apparently, all Bishops look alike.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas is warning worshippers to beware of a fake bishop who charges for holy services that priests do for free.

Bishop Kevin Farrell, in a statement Monday, said he's been contacted by the Archbishop of Acapulco, Mexico, about a man named Martin Davila Gandara operating in the Dallas area.

Farrell says the man is not a bishop or associated with the Roman Catholic church.

Some of the services, such as baptisms, allegedly were offered in places like motels for fees of $100 to $200.

Now if I"m not mistaken, I've stuffed $100 into an envelope to pass on the the priest who baptized one of my many nieces or nephews. It's a common proactive. If fake bishop Martin Davilla Gandara is cutting in on the local priest's fun money, I can understand the concern. Religion does not like competition. I don't get the harm. It's all fake. I guess a fake priest is a little less ethical than an authentic priest, but both are still equally fake. One is just better trained than the other.

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DromedaryHump said...

" I've stuffed $100 into an envelope to pass on the the priest who baptized one of my many nieces or nephews. "

Mojoey, far be it for me to question your judgement (i do after all like coming here :) but ... WHY? Why pay a shaman for sham services? I mean, I'd understand if you were a theist, and believed such rites had actual value, but I understand that not to be the case.

I'll assume that since the rest of your family aren't atheist, your just doing the right thing on their behalf. But, may I respectfully suggest that should this opportunity occur in the future you might consider donating $100 to your local Food Bank, and putting a note in an envelope telling the shaman what youve done...on his behalf.

As a loving representative of Gawd I'm quite sure he'd be delighted, and at the same time, your not paying him for a make belive ritual, and you know the money is being put to a genuinely good use.

Just a friendly suggestion.

Mojoey said...

Well now, that's the thing. Everyone knows I'm an atheist, but these religious rituals are an important part of my wife's extended family culture. My wife and I are the oldest married couple in the family, so we get asked to sponsor a lot of events. I do my part because I love my family. sometimes that involves paying hte priest. When it comes to my family, I'd rather be the nice Uncle/Cousin who helps the younger folks out. I don't care what the rituals mean. I go but do not participate. By now, the 250 or so relatives who know me understand this.

It really does not bother me, and the money is trivial.

DromedaryHump said...

i understand entirely...but, back to my suggestion: wouldnt paying the priest with a donation to a favored charity have a better effect, a greater good, than to support the priest?

I wonder, what the preist's reaction woiuld be to such an altruistic gesture?

anyway, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Interesting enough, this "Kevin Farrell" is the real fake, and Bp. Davila legit.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Martin Davilla is a true Catholic bishop, with or without the US $ stipends. Stipends are freely given to priests who offer Masses , conduct Baptisms and Weddings.

Anonymous said...

How do they actually know that this Bishop is actually fake as there are other Catholic churchs like the Eastern Orthodox, The Anglicans and others who have Apostolic Succession and who also wear the same collar as a Roman Catholic Priest. The word Catholic is universal in meaning. A true Catholic Bishop would spend time to get to know each priest and besides get to the parish member in the churchs. A good priest never charges for his priestly duties as donations always help with church expenses and like at home as you know electricity and gas is not free. The priest depends on donations to help with all the costs of living including to help with building maintenance costs.

Anonymous said...
the person in the above youtube is a fake bishop lives in Kakinada,E.G.District.Andhra Pradesh state in India. He is 10th class drop out a Hindu pick pocket and suddenly he told that he is M.D., D.D and The Canadian baptist mission in US and CAnada are promised him 50 billion Us dollars. and showed his fake website Then innocent pastors believed this cheat and made him as Bishop. He joined his kids in School in the records as their religion as Hindu. Given bribes to press,politicians,police and now cheating civil engineering building contractors in India under the pretext of that he will give the construction projects of medical colleges and free housing to the poor. Canada and US government should alert Canadian Baptist mission in their countries. many cases pending against him with Cennai police.Beware of him.

Anonymous said...

He is approaching all the political party offices in India and showing a fake xerox copies of 50 billion dollars free fund( but is is clearly written on it--it is for children play only) even then the innocent contractors are believing him and giving him advance kick backs, with which he is living lavish life being a Secretary correspondent of a Canadian baptist churche's girls high school and girls college.He does not have any proof of hid address or proof of his citizenship. He is totally a fake. you can call him on his land line the principal of the college.
His name is Mr.Muthabathula Ratna Kumar, son of Mr.Muthabathula Verriyya, lankavanithota,Pulletikurru village, near Mukkamala,via kothapeta, east Godavari district,Andhra pradesh state,India

Anonymous said...

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