Saturday, August 16, 2008

Death by prayer and justice

A 15-year-old girl died a horrible death because her mother treated her cancer with prayer instead of seeking medical treatment. The girls pastor directed the whole stupid affair. Now he going to be held accountable. That is, if he does not die of old age first.

The court's ruling reinstated the 2003 indictment against Ariel Ben Sherman, the 79-year-old leader of the Universal Life Church, and gave prosecutors the green light to move ahead with the case against him.

Source: Church leader can be tried for contributing to girl's death : Local News : Knoxville News Sentinel

Everybody dies. Ariel Ben Sherman should do so in prison.

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Ramon Garcia said...

Sounds an awful lot like The Exorcism of Emily Rose. They never learn.

Anonymous said...

An entire commune watched this girl die a slow, painful death as the tumor grew on her shoulder. Ariel ben Sherman held himself out to be her spiritual father and had bought her first bra and approved the home school study books she was to use. The child's father died mysteriously in Oregon, a young healthy man. shortly thereafter, the cult group held an "entwinement" ceremony, Ariel ben Sherman's word for marriage. highly questionable. One member timidly went up to this "end time prophet spoken of in Revelation" to suggest the girl be taken for some kind of medical help. If it had not been for that ONE visit, there is no doubt in my mind, I believe that Ariel would have had the child buried on that rental farm, and they would have moved on, and no one would have ever known Jessica Crank ever walked on this earth.

Anonymous said...

the "entwinement" ceremony being the pseudo marriage of Jackie Crank and Ariel ben Sherman while they were in Oregon, years before Jessica's death. Jackie Crank was and is Mrs. Ariel ben Sherman according to cult guidelines.

Anonymous said...

Justice will never be served in this matter. Many states have vague laws on this matter and because it deals with religion lawmakers and politicians seem hesitant on making a clear stand on faith healing and minors dieing from the lack of medical treatment.

For more info about this cash and Sherman:

Anonymous said...

he may die quietly so the willingly deceived followers will not be warned of the horrors of hell awaiting him and them.

I honestly think they all have tremendous pride in who they are, living as prisoners in that house as 'willing' followers of sherman to prove their sacrificial faith that will earn them their 'special' place they think will be above and beyond what others will be getting.

yep, they are earning their way to heaven by sticking with that choking, coughing, chain smoking, oxygen using, old deteriorating man.

joice paskell said...

jail would never be enough punishment for him im saddened to no he was still walking the streets and living amongst humans .. i myself was a born in victum of his cruel and evil ways. in 1984 15+ children were taken from his so called church the punishment was a horrific act on children the woman he raped the children he physically tortured etc... he should be exicuted in front of every women child and man that he has hurt in his life. r.i.p.jessica<3

FrumpyFran said...

Ariel Ben Sherman AKA Duke is DEAD! Finally.

FrumpyFran said...

Ariel Ben Sherman AKA Duke is finally DEAD!