Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baptist youth pastor arrested on sex charges

JoshuaPonder What do you get when you mix Texas, Baptists, youth pastors, and young boys? Do I really need to answer?

Youth Pastor Joshua Ponder has confessed to his crime although it is unclear if he as come out of the closet. It is Texas after tall.


Mabank Police Chief Kyle McAfee said Ponder confessed to charges related to a 16-year-old male victim. The assault is alleged to have happened April 8, but it was not reported until Aug. 8, according to reports. The teen is not a member of the church.

There must be something in the water down in Texas.


dragongiraffe said...
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dragongiraffe said...
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Mojoey said...

oh - did you get a blogger account just to post on my blog? That's so nice. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your article is very rude and narrowed minded from a person that does not even know Josh Ponder. He was our boys youth pastor for almost 3 years and is a wonderful person. He is not the person the media has dipicted him to be. You should consider praying for him and not passing judgement. " Him without sin can cast the first stone." If you are sinless your free to cast the first stone. But the bible says we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. It is only by Gods' grace that we can be set free from our sins.

Mojoey said...

anon - news flash.

Poor Josh - I guess he should have acted like a pastor and not molested that poor kid. You are right. What was I thinking. I see the truth now.

Oh no wait - you guys are idiots.

Keep your faith. I don't need it.

Anonymous said...

I don't appreciate being called an idiot. God is real and I'm sure Madeline Murray Oheir (well known atheist) as my understanding you claim to be, found out when she passed away. Thank God for her son who saw the light and preaches the Gospel. I'm quite sure you'll find out how real the Lord is when you pass away. In the mean time even though you say you don't need it I'll pray for you. I'm curious as to why you've made a choice not Believe in God?

Anonymous said...

Now Mojoey, talking about a pastor is one thing but talking about a state is another.. Did you go to Texas and someone started making fun of you or something? just wondering..

I've heard great things about Josh which makes it shocking to hear what he has done, but regardless of what he has done.. YOU are not the one to pass judgement on anyone whether you're christian or not. There could be more to this story than you even know.

dragongiraffe said...
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Mojoey said...

I don't have anything against Texas except for the 3 mile over the speedlimit tickets (ok and the 30mph over in the middle of no ware). Oh, and then there was the time I had trouble with a Texas ranger while I was sick on the side of the road. Oh, and all the fundies, don't forget the fundies. Wait - I got picketed for buying beer in Waco once. That kind of sucked. Oh, and the blue laws preventing alcohol from being served in my favorite restaurants.

But the real reason is that Texas has more Baptist pedophiles than any other state in the union. That means there is something wrong with the culture. Right?

Mojoey said...

dragongiraffe - I think it's cute that somebody would go to the trouble to make a screen name when they can just post anonymously.

Also - you only need to hit the submit button once.

Mojoey said...

guy - do you know why I post on this? Read Hypocrisy Watch.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is real and there are a lot of people praying for you and some day you may become a Christian too. I appreciate dragongiraffe saying such good things about ponder. He is a wonderful guy and taught our boys a lot of faith building things about God and not to put their faith in a person. Anytime we put our faith in men we fall because we live in a fallen world. I'm still curious why you choose not to believe in God?I pray through these messages you are getting from Christians you'll realize how awesome God is.

Buang said...

As somebody who grew up in that church, I have to laugh when people come on a blog and defend an undefendable position. Are you guys serious? Do you not know the problems with the other ministers this church has had in the past? Not as bad as this, but still pretty scandalous. I find it funny the same people have picked the last two youth ministers and all the while giving Pastor Tucker's wife the interim job two times in a row.

That said, the blogger has a mission and it is to expose the problems. While the blogger may not be Christian, you should not go around questioning their judgement simply because they aren't Christian. That just shows the hypocrisy that bleeds through.

Anonymous said...

let me just say that you nor mojoey know Josh. he is a wonderful man that made a horrible mistake. he taught the former members of his youth group (i being one of them)so much. we have all fallen short...including YOU and I! now i realize that what ponder did was in no way acceptable and he being the man that i know he is, will except the consequences of his actions. instead of casting your unwanted judgment on him, try praying for (or reflecting on it if you aren't a Christian) him and his wife and family. also for the youth it has affected. we are all confused and grieving.

oh and Texas is amazing, just so you know.

Anonymous said...

okay, so i'm glad you think it's "cute." using a screenname makes you anonymous, but i guess not using one makes you extra anonymous. :P

anyway, sorry i hit the comment button twice. that's my bad.

buang: you say you grew up in THAT church. meaning that you have a choice of slandering one of two churches and also chaiming there have been other scandalous ongoings. i don't know of what incidents you mean. anyway, i'm sorry for every person of authority in your church history that has screwed up...youth pastors aren't perfect. even now. a youth pastor being accused of sexual misconduct is no different than a nonchristian being accused. everyone involved in this is human. if someone were to listen to your thoughts during the day, we would all look like awful people. we're all people...some of us just have that faith in God. that's what sets us apart.

oh and mojoey, you can't really use something you wrote as a reference. that's against the rules of citing literature. i get the point though. you're trying to say that all youth pastors are in the wrong and you're waiting for another one to mess with a kid. do you know how many youth pastors there are in the US? and how many youth pastors participate in this kind of behavior? there are way more youth pastors that are great examples for their students than there are youth pastors who mess up this way. i know this is serious, but you can't blame every youth pastor there is!

[oh and it's no where. not ware.]

Anonymous said...

back to mojoey

i know i'm not staying on topic, but the laws are to protect the ppl. Texas IS a really dangerous state. Lived here all my life and have lived around 4 houses that has had death/murders in them, but i'm used to it so it doesnt bother me so much. as for culture,where is there a state that has controversial issues that someone doesnt like?? just saying ppl adapt to different lifestyles(or cultures you might say) thus no need to talk down on Texas because i do love it here..

as for pedophiles, you honestly cant just single out Baptist pastors because they are just ppl along with everyone else. They live their lives like you live yours. Yes there is no excuse for what he has done, but dont automatically single out every pastor there is just because that happened. They do make a difference in ppl's lives whether its shown from preaching or giving someone money on the street. He did make a mistake and did confess to it (according to what i have read) but do you really take back all he has done for ppl?

say you help 20 different ppl advice, loans to them, or just in general helping someone in need yet you steal and go to jail.. not really defending josh on what he did, but defending the respect that he deserves for helping others and other pastors being discriminated against.

Mojoey said...

as for pedophiles, you honestly cant just single out Baptist pastors

how said anything about singling out Baptist pedophiles? I simply report the offenders. the statics support Baptist are on par with Catholics in tis area. Are you saying you did not know this?

As for Texas - I've traveled the world. The only place I have problems with the law is in Texas. I've developed a healthy distaste for the state as a result. When you mix in the high rate of baptist sex offenders, I start wondering if there is something in the water.

Mojoey said...

oh and mojoey, you can't really use something you wrote as a reference.

Perhaps you should actually follow the link. Hypocrisy Watch is over 325 articles on over 300 different pastor pedophiles. Since I don't write on Catholics much, most of my post are protestant offenders. Of these most are Baptists. Of these, the state with the most offenders is Texas.

And my point is not that all youth pastors are wrong. My point is that Baptists by policy do not protect their children from the risk of abuse. I've documented case after case.

Regarding this case - I care about justice. People can be your best friend by day and screw your wife at night. It is what the do, the good and the bad, that makes the measure of a man. In this case, Ponder should never be allowed near children again. His actions show he cannot be trusted. yet I know that Ponder will serve his time and end up back in a church someplace in rural Texas as a pastor, even a youth pastor. All because Baptists do not police themselves.

The next time a church googles ponder as a potential pastor, the will find this post. Maybe, just maybe, another child will not have to go through the same experience has his young victim.

I have to ask - where is your common sense? If a dog bit your child but was a great companion on walks would you put the dog down or try to tell his next owner what a good dog he was? You are part of the problem.

Mojoey said...

Christianity is real and there are a lot of people praying for you and some day you may become a Christian too.

I will never become a Christian. Do not waste your breath or your prayers. There is no god.

I appreciate dragongiraffe saying such good things about ponder. He is a wonderful guy and taught our boys a lot of faith building things about God and not to put their faith in a person. Anytime we put our faith in men we fall because we live in a fallen world.

Let's just hope Ponder did not also teach your son's to appreciate a taste for dick. You will find out in a few years, or sooner if you pull your head out of your ass. Ponder took advantage of a young boy. Remember?

Anonymous said...

The last 2 comments you responded to were mine. You seem to be a nasty vulgar man and I can not believe the ridicule you have against Ponder when your mouth is saying such nasty things and insenuations against my boys. I am a very good parent and have a good relationship with my boys and I do not have my head in the clouds(which is nicer way of putting things than what you said)You put your comments out there and when someone responds oviously you can't handle it and become almost slanderous. You are so judgemental about Texas. I'm sure the state your from has its' problems too. As for there is no God (spelled with a big G) You will find out one day. Enough said. I would be careful with whom you use slanderous words against because you may find yourself behind bars someday. There are children that commmunicate on this blog.

Mojoey said...

Nope - Not vulgar, I am direct.

Look - I did not say anything against your boys (I'm writing to a woman, right?). I said that Ponder could have taken advantage of your boys. You will not know until later because unless you get your boys checked out by a professional, you will not know.

Slander is an orally spoken libel that damages another. You are talking libel because this is in writing. I do not know who you are so there is no libel. Ponder's crimes are a matter of public record and the truth is a valid defense in libel cases, so no worries. And, I have no intention of ever going to prison. Since slader is a tort, even if I were guilty, I would not go to prison. Acts like Ponder's are deliberate crimes. You go to prison for deliberate crimes, not for torts.

love ponder all you want. Just make sure your kids were not abused. And, don't trust your own judgment here (I don't care if you are a homeschool nutter), have a professional counselor talk with them.

Do children read my blog. I only know of one. Thet is the problem with posting anonymously. My blog is child friendly if you like reading about baptist pedophiles.

And lastly, this is not about god. It is about the sexual abuse of children.

Anonymous said...

You are right, it is not about God but when you say there is no God I beg to differ. I'm not a homeshool nutter as you say. I appreciate the fact that you are trying to protect children against sexual abuse. I do not appreciate your attacks against ponder. You are not 100% sure he did it. I know he confessed but no one truly knows what he confessed to. My point is no one can be judge and jury. God is the only one that knows the truth.

Buang said...
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Buang said...

In reply to one response to me:

Actually, I have met Josh on more than one occasion. And while he may have had a positive impact on your life, he had a dark side. We all do and unfortunately his involves things like this. This is a profession he should have stayed away from in hindsight.

And I know how Texas is as I have lived here all my life. And the judgement is deserved since it is a $200,000 bail. This means it is most likely more than simple groping.

And to the 'anon user', you have nothing to apologize for. Every church has their oddities, many of them having problems as well. Ponder just continues it.

To think there were talks about sponsoring the man to go to Dallas Baptist University to further his education. Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

I know his wife very well, and yes, he did tell her that he committed this heinous act and from other postings of people whom had dealings with josh, they knew of his sexual behavior prior to finishing seminary which could lead one to believe he became a youth minister to target young males. And then betray a wife who loves, not loved, him dearly knowingly that he was a homosexual the entire time while she had no idea. To think that on her wedding night she made love to a person whom did not love her but used her as a cover to further his standings in a community of unsuspecting people. It saddens me to no end. And yes, pedophilism in East Texas is rampid - and yes, usually in the form of higher ranked people in the communities.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope Ponder did not also teach your son's to appreciate a taste for dick. You will find out in a few years, or sooner if you pull your head out of your ass.

oh, really now, you consider this direct? it's vulgar like anonymous said a while back. being direct is being straight forward and frank, not crude. also, being "direct" as you call it, does not involve calling people things such as "homeschool nutter."

we're not in the same walks of life, and i guess that changes our seperate views of the world. i love ponder and he never hurt me, except when we all found out about this mess. it sucks to no end. and i feel for the person he assaulted and i hope that no one else was harmed...but attacking other people for what he did is not right. i'm praying for you and i hope you realize there IS a God. [with a big G] :D

Anonymous said...

HHmmmm. Ok, well I have known Josh Ponder since elementary school and quite honestly what suprised me the most is that he is married. It came as no shock to me that he is gay. I know his parents must be extremely embarrassed as they have always considered themselves as well as their boys better than everyone else. As a Christian who does not regulary attend ANY church, well, this is the reason I do not. I have kids, and the last thing I'm going to do is hand my child's innocence over to a perv on a silver platter every Wednesday night and Sunday. While I disagree with Mojoey that there is no God, I do wonder how God can allow things of this nature to occur in his name. As I am sure that is how he lured the poor child into his web. I have to wonder how many others he has abused, and quite frankly if any were related to me, as I have lots of family in the Palestine area. It scares me because Josh was albeit weird growing up, he seemed to genuinely be a nice guy; and If I ran into him on the street, I would not have hesitated to invite him into my home for dinner with my family. I do feel sorry for his wife, and have to wonder if he ever abused his own children (if he has any). I'm sure his twin brother has children, and I wonder about them too. I'm so glad I got out of the moth eaten town that we all grew up in, so that I didnt turn out as screwed up as he and so many others that grew up with us did. That tells me that there is a God and cared enough about me to save me from that HELL hole. Its funny because they always thought I was the wild one. Yet, here I am grown, sucessful, healthy, happily married to a straight man, and don't have so much as a speeding ticket on my record; and there he is locked up in Prison for sexually assualting a child. You just never know anyone do you? And... all those who keep posting and defending Josh should get down on their knees tonight and thank GOD that they were not abused as well. When will you people learn that showing up every Sunday makes a man no bigger christian, than sleeping in the garage makes you a car.

Mojoey said...

VC says it best.

Sitting in your church on Sunday
Thinking who you gonna screw Monday
Who you gonna thief, who you gonna rob
Take it that me tell you
Say, you can't fool God, no..

Tonya said...

Did Josh go to Eastham Prison?