Thursday, August 07, 2008

The 10 Haiku Project

I was challenged by a friend to deal with some anger and stress issues through poetry. I am not a poetry inclined person, but I agreed to the challenge anyway. It is simple. Write 10 Haiku's, but do so only when I am angry, tired, or stressed out. I am supposed to clear my mind, think about my day, and then write a poem. It is actually harder then it sounds. I had start by leaning about Haiku. I've adopted the english short sentence, long sentence, short sentence approach over the traditional 17 syllable method. It's just too hard to do it the traditional way.

A headache

Heat envelops my mind
as a warm breeze licks the skin
fire arcs in me again

Did it work? Well It took two hour to write. I feel better for trying. Please let me know what you think. Any help is appreciated.

There is no need for me to suffer alone, I hereby challenge the atheist blogroll to put their best Haiku forward.

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The Exterminator said...

To court the haiku
you must bring her a present:
a good thesaurus.

Carolyn Ann said...

That one is good, "exterminator"! :-)

Here's mine:

A breeze blows
my skirt billows
happiness flows


Carolyn Ann

Carolyn Ann said...

One of my favorite haiku's, from Jane Reichold:

moving into the sun
the pony takes with him
some mountain shadow

I just love this poem. :-)
Carolyn Ann

Mojoey said...

These are all great. Thanks for playing.

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Want an angry one?

Insurance pays out
for stolen car less than half
they billed me -- two thefts!

I like using the 17-syllable format; it's like working a puzzle.

kooth said...

Here is my first Haiku, it's from 2005:

Hey motherf#cker!
Haiku this, motherf#cker!
Dumb motherf#cker!

anton said...

I owe the creation of this historical one to Sean Kelly of the National Lampoon back in the 60s:

It is a cool december morning
There must be a nip in the air!

(My apologies for using "nip" which is no longer "politically correct")