Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two Pedophile pastors sent to jail

These are old cases. I'm sure knowing these horrible men are in jail give some comfort to their victims.

Angel Toro was a pastor in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. His victim waited 21 years for justice. Toro will serve 18 months.

According to the criminal complaint, in 1987 Toro, a pastor at First United Methodist Church in Rice Lake recruited 17-year-old Doug Guillen to help him fix a fence. That's when Guillen says Toro sexually assaulted him.


Dale Soppe was a catholic seminarian. He abused Richard Hinde when he was 13 in 1969. Hinde's abuse lasted a year. Soppe will serve 60 days plus two years probation.

In an interesting twist, both man were sent to prison because of a loophole in the Wisconsin statute of limitations law.

...the only reason Soppe and Angel Toro were sent to jail Tuesday is because they both left Wisconsin. He says that stopped the six year statute of limitation on their crimes. He says a new bill in Wisconsin could eliminate that time limit.

Source: Two Sex Offenders in Jail Thanks to Loophole in Law

That's two more Hypocrites off the streets. It should be a cause for celebration.


Anonymous said...

pastor dale lee Mcfarland is a true dirtbag

Anonymous said...

Dont send your kids to radiant church kidz zone