Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oopsbama and the Joshua Generation Project

barack-obama-bw Barack Obama should do his homework before committing to a major new effort to attract young evangelical voters. His Joshua Generation Project ran afoul of fundie copyright infringement. Generation Joshua already represents a bunch of home schooled politically active fundies.

The campaign for Sen. Barack Obama in June revealed plans to launch a major new program to woo younger evangelicals and Catholics voters. The effort went by the name "Joshua Generation Project" and involved reaching out to young faith voters on issues such as poverty, Darfur, climate change and the Iraq war, Christian Broadcasting Network’s The Brody File had reported.

But upon learning of the project, lawyers with the Home School Legal Defense Association – an advocate group for home schooling rights – sent a letter asking the Obama campaign to stop usage of the name. The 83,000-strong organization pointed out that it owns trademark rights to both "Generation Joshua" and "Generation Joshua & Design."

Source: Obama's Joshua Generation Project Hits Legal Rift with Homeschoolers|

The Obama campaign needs a new name for its program. How about the Pandering to Fundies Project? I'll let you have it for free.


Gary McGath said...
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Gary McGath said...

Overlooking the prior usage doesn't bother me so much. The real question is why he chose a name honoring a mass murderer.

Stardust said...

Pandering to Fundies Project

Excellent and refreshingly honest