Sunday, July 13, 2008

I like symmetry

I can already hear it. I like big butts and I cannot lie... It's not about the butts, it's about symmetry. I cannot pass up a shot like this. Two woman reading in the park on a sunny day with their asses pointing toward the passing crowd. Both posed together at the same angle. It's beautiful in some strange way that I cannot explain.

Take this photo (NSFW) of a disgraced Columbian congresswoman Yidis Medina. She posed nude in a cheesy men's magazine for reasons all her own. Most of the blogs posting on this subject focus on her being fat, ugly, or fat + ugly (fugly). When I look at her picture (this one only mind you, I've yet to see the others), I see beautiful symmetry.

Monthly men’s magazine SoHo showed a curvaceous Medina posing nude while in jail, her hands covering her breasts in one shot as she looks peacefully into the distance. The 12-page photo spread is titled “Body of Crime”

Source: Yidis Medina poses nude in magazine

There are more photo's. I'm betting some are not so artistic. Is the photo of Yidis Medina art or pornography? I say art. You?

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Volly said...

Well, speaking strictly from the POV of a middle-aged woman who is anything but skinny,


Symmetry, I got.

Intergalactic Hussy said...

Excellent photo...great composition!

thegentlepath said...

Art. Definitely art.

And as another symmetrical middle-aged woman, I agree with volly: thank you.