Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogroll Update: DisComforting Ignorance

Our atheist blogging community keeps growing. One of our newest blogs is Discomforting Ignorance. Its author has been kind enough to provide an introduction.

Have you ever visited your favorite forum and seen a chimp with a mustache discussing how a banana proves God? Have you ever been flipping through the channels and seen the very same man alongside Kirk Cameron disproving evolution by demonstrating that an orangutan could not get a plane ticket? How about being sent a tract from Living Waters which shows that since evolution doesn't work for a Coke can, it can't work for biological organisms?

The man who intelligently designed the banana argument, orangutan skit, and evolution-debunking-Coke can tract is none other than Ray Comfort. He maintains a blog, recently retitled "Atheist Central," wherein he posts on various scientific issues, such as light being invisible or evolution creating gravity, and on various historical issues, such as the Bible providing an account of dinosaurs.

Hi, I'm Jonathan (JT to most on the Internet) and I am an atheist irritated by such irrationality. My blog is DisComforting Ignorance. It is a responsive blog to specifically Ray Comfort and more generally The Way of the Master; however, other ludicrous religious asininity is covered from time-to-time.
I try to keep things refreshing by breaking up the responses to Ray's posts. There is a
seven-part debunk of Ray's Atheist Test (wherein I disproved sexual reproduction using Pepsi cans), a weekly segment Rational Sabbath (with article, blog, and book recommendations), and most recently a death match between a pineapple and a coconut to determine which is the theist's worst nightmare (in response to the banana argument).

Please drop in and welcome our new member.