Saturday, July 19, 2008

And so I wait

The trial of accused murder and former youth pastor Joshua Rosa is in the hands of the jury. Deliberation will resume on Monday. I've been following the trial, but have not made a post on it yet. The whole sordid story made me sick.

Rosa is alleged to have stalked his 13-year-old victim Stephen Tomlinson before strangling him in a local park. Tomlinson's body was found bloody and with his pants down below his knees. The victims blood was found on Rosa's clothing, gloves, and on his hand.

We may never know the motive.

A motive was unclear, but Pruner said there was testimony that Rosa was looking for Stephen throughout that day.

"There is one person covered in the victim's DNA who had gloves that night in the park ... who had a flashlight and who lost his keys under the victim's body," Pruner said, his voice getting louder and louder.

I've been on the fence about blogging this story. Rosa is billed as being a youth minister. In reality he was an older teen working with younger teens. It was a part time job. The only qualifications were a believe in God and willingness to serve. Rosa is hardly my typical hypocrite.

It is when I look into the face of Stephen Tomlinson that I get angry. Rosa worked in his capacity as a youth minister under the direction of his pastor. There should have been some oversight. There should have been some training standards. There should have been some understanding that a 19-year-old youth pastor might not be mature enough to handle his responsibility. We may never know the reason why Stephen Tomlinson was murdered. I'm betting it had everything to do with sex and a lack of impulse control.

We will know if Joshua Rosen is guilty or innocent Monday. I've voting guilty.


Joshua Rosa is guilty! He will serve life in Prison.


IsThatLatin said...

I'm betting it had everything to do with sex and a lack of impulse control.

This is something we all deal with and many times it's harmless (as in a mutual lack of impulse control between consenting adults). The big difference here is that it was more than a little harmful, and it was done despite proclaimed religious belief--the very thing religious people claim keeps this sort of thing from happening.

This was appropriately blogged.

Anonymous said...

I have been following this case and can NOT figure out why no mention of sexual abuse is ever made. Is it religious favortism?

I have scanned about 25 articles and not one of them even suggest sexual abuse. Tru TV has not mentioned much for the Tru part.

Yet when other, non religious types are in court, that is all they can talk about and then usually someone connect it to homosexuals as Jesus freaks seem to like to blame all the world's problems on them.

What is up?