Friday, June 27, 2008

SoCal pastor convicted of sexual molesting 2 girls

We have pedophile pastors in LA too. 

LOS ANGELES A former pastor was convicted Thursday of multiple counts of sexually molesting two adolescent girls who attended his church in the San Fernando Valley. A Superior Court jury deliberated for about 90 minutes before finding Joseph Gary Torres guilty on 11 counts, including continuous sexual abuse, oral copulation and sodomy by force, Deputy District Attorney Carolyn McNary said.

Source: SoCal pastor convicted of sexual molesting 2 girls - San Jose Mercury News

Joseph Gary Torres was a Baptist pastor. Need I say more?

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pcbdznr said...

I worked next to this hypocritical scumbag for 7 years at Photosonics in the Los Angeles area. He was constantly in touble as a dead-beat dad and accusations of stalking and always had to deal with the Los Angeles DA. He spouted a virulent stiff-necked form of evangelical claptrap out of one side of his mouth and chased after every new girl that got hired. While he was married. I just didn't know the depths of his depravity. I hope there is a special spot in hell for him. And his son.