Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Catholics help boycott The Love Guru

Catholics join Hindus in a boycott of the forgettable movie The Love Guru.  I say forgettable because I saw the day it opened and I've already flushed this movie from my mind. It was just ok. I laughed my ass off at many of the jokes and gags, but the move was just ok.

The Love  Guru was full of sophomoric dick jokes and endless tasteless bit of 13-year-old humor. It was a perfect move to watch with my son. Apparently the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops agreed with my review. They took it a little too far.

USCCB officials called the film "vulgar and tasteless", saying it "wallows in endless penis jokes and fairly yucky potty humour".

Catholic Bishops think  that The Love Guru in someway denigrates Hindus. To be honest, I don't see it. Mike Myers goes after self help gurus, Hollywood celebrities, midgets, the ugly, people who seek help from cheap and meaningless self-help books (are you listening mom?), Indians,  and just about everything except religion. Except if you count gutting bollywood culture, because he went after that too.  Hindus? Did he snark on Hindus? I was to busy laughing the "Ball Gazer" gag to notice.

Face it folks - The Love Guru is no Life of Brian. My son said it best, Get Smart was better. You religious types need to get a grip. Boycotting this move is a useless gesture. People are not going to take you seriously.