Sunday, June 01, 2008

Blogroll Update: Up to 702

We shrink:

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Tip: is a social bookmarks manager which allows people to share bookmarks. When you bookmark an atheist's blog you are helping to move that blog up in the social network. More importantly, when you accurately bookmark a blog, it helps drive traffic to the blog, increases the the overall Atheist presence on the web, and helps to build our community.

Take a look at the site for The Atheist Experience. Some entries are linked by as many as 44 other users. A fine blog like the The Atheist Experience should have thousands of links. Even with it's outstanding podcast, one would think it would garner at least a few hundred links for this alone. If just half the our members bookmarked The Atheist Experience, it would be a top ten search result under atheist blogs and podcasts.

I find an outstanding research tool. If I'm looking for the latest news on Jesus Sightings, I'm sure to find somebody else has already found the story I'm looking for. I'll bookmark it myself, and then eventually make a post.

Here is a good tutorial.

Keep sending in those dead links!


xposition said...

Hey mojoey, this is Cianar--been reading your blog for a while thanks to John. Just wanted to share this video of a Christian (not sure which denomination or group) apparently protesting costumes at an anime convention in San Jose, and infiltrated by a Buddy Jesus cosplayer and some heckling. To everyone's credit, they didn't start a rumble.

Mojoey said...

Cianar - thanks! this is great stuff. I'm posting it to the front page.

Godless Sunday said...

Just saw that one. CRAY-ZEE.

Hey have you heard of Don Exodus? He is really popular on Youtube right now. He claims to be a christian but he is SUPER proficient at explaining evolution and arguing for evolution. His videos are really good.

Really smart guy though.