Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pastor Norman Brooks accused of touching young girl

And so the sad story continues as another youth pastor stands accused of yet another heinous crime against an innocent child.
Prosecutors say 61-year-old Norman Brooks was a youth group leader at Carmel Presbyterian Church in Glenside when he had inappropriate contact with a 13-year-old church member over the last few months.

Source: Youth Group Leader Accused of Inappropriate Contact with Minor

The reaction from members of the Church is disappointing.

Members of the Carmel Presbyterian Church found it difficult to believe an employee there was arrested.

"I'm surprised, a little disappointed if it is true," Denise Bottinger, a church member, said.

Source: Church Youth Leader Accused Of Touching Girl, 13

A "little disappointed"? Where is the moral outrage? Where is the disgust? I don't understand these people. A "little disappointed" my ass. I'd be furious. Can you imagine?


Anonymous said...

Do you not think that the church members are shocked by this and when questioned by reporters they may not have time to think of 'just the right thing' to say? A church, two families and a community are hurting here - give them some time to heal without judging one comment made.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. For most church members, the news came as a shock. Unless you have been greeted unexpectedly by reporters and told something so awful that was unknown to you beforehand you can not judge. The woman who made the comment had no prior knowledge of the charges. Can you imagine what was going through her head? A fellow church member and friend, who was well liked by the church community, was accused of something unthinkable. There is the family of the victim, the family of the accused, and her own family to consider in a split second. Were her words perfect? No. But, she was in shock! It is easy to criticize when you were not the one faced with the situation.

Mojoey said...

or I can hold her accountable for acting like a normal person would. I prefer to do that.

Anonymous said...

Please also note that reporters don't always get the details right. There is an inaccuracy issue here- Norman was not a hired staff of the church, nor did he have the role of being a "pastor". He was a volunteer youth leader. This doesn't change one ounce the severity of the issue, which you appropriately have labeled as a very shocking, devastating, and serious one. I agree.

It is, however, significant I think to note for other reasons. For example, this is not someone that was ordained by the PC USA, and your blog post leads the public to think otherwise. As difficult as this issue was and continues to be for this grieving church community, I think it's only fair that the facts of the situation are clearly presented.