Friday, May 30, 2008

Is this wrong?

I don't get it. Why would anyone care if somebody bartered for a blow job? Oh wait. The perp is a pastor. So it's at least a moral problem. But why should the cops care?
Police said Otis Durham Jr., pastor of Sandy Ridge United Methodist Church, asked a woman he was communicating with via e-mail to perform oral sex on him in exchange for a legal act.

Poor dumb bastard - I wonder if a good blow job is worth ruining your reputation for?


Anonymous said...

For him it is wrong and he knows it. He will pay a price much greater than the crime. A woman's post on a local help wanted site that requested to barter for a service she needed turned into tragedy. A playful exchange became fatal when the woman's husband happened to be a cop. Instead of the woman ignoring the email, the husband takes over and continues the conversation which led to the sting. Was he wrong, yes. Is it a wake-up call for a person that has never done something like this before, absolutely. I life's work of helping and serving the local community is now in the balance. If this had been a normal Joe it would have never made the paper.

Mojoey said...

anon - the more I read about his problem, the more I am convinced the charges are BS. I would even suggest his arrest was a vindicative action on the part of an insecure police officer.

His moral problem - the whole pastor not practicing what he preaches. He'll need to work on that. But even I'm willing to admit that people make mistakes.

DromedaryHump said...

How DOES one get a blow job via email? Is that basic to my Windows software, or do I have to buy something as an add on?