Friday, May 23, 2008

Face of Jesus appears on cider bottle

This one looks so fake.

"When I saw it I got goose pimples," 35-year-old Mr Cartwright said yesterday. "I have no doubt it is the face of Jesus. You can even see his beard and hair."

Mr Cartwright, a taxi driver from Darlington, noticed the extraordinary image while drinking with a group of friends at his local, the Tanners Hall.

"As the barmaid removed the cap to the cider I suddenly realised what was staring back at me," he added.

One of Mr Cartwright's friends took a photograph. It was only the following morning that he realised how clear the image was. But by then it was too late to retrieve the bottle.

"It ended up getting collected by a barmaid when no one was paying attention and thrown away," said Mr Cartwright.

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1 comment:

jamon said...

Well bugger me! I've drank in that pub (I grew up in Darlington).

Not the kind of establishment you would expect a holy apparition to appear in, I can tell you ;)