Sunday, May 04, 2008

Christian Asshat Awards

vjack commented on Asshats - everybody has an opinion. He suggested...

Maybe we should organize the Christian Asshats awards. This could be the first nominee, a panel of judges would be selected, and this prestigious award would be given to the most deserving.

I'm inclined to agree. But need some help. Please take a moment to read the section below and then add your suggestions/ideas to the comment thread.

Here are my suggestions:

The Christian Asshat Awards are designed to highlight the worst of the worst when it comes to anti-Atheist rhetoric. Read this post for an example. We should focus on Christians who choose to attack Atheists directly or indirectly through their use of the spoken or written word.

Nominees can include blog posts, youtube videos, editorials, podcasts, or even sermons. I am even inclined to admit photographs.

Nominations are open each month. Blogroll members can nominate candidates by making a nomination post on their blogs, or by sending me an email. Posts should be marked with the Technorati tag "Asshat". I'll make a post each month which collects all of the candidates together so that our panel of experts can vote on the winner.

Bloggers who nominate sites should make a post which describes why the candidate should be considered for the award. I will link to your posts in any post I make on Deep Thoughts.

Since we will have a monthly contest, it follows that we will have an Asshat of the Year award too.  The winners from each month become nominees for the yearly award.

Judging can be as simple as blogroll members voting in the comment thread of the monthly nominee post. Or as complex as a link to a Surveymonkey survey (I have an account).

Things I need to get this rolling:

  • A graphic would be nice.
  • Judges
  • Nominees
  • More ideas


vjack said...

Sounds great. Nominees abound, and I just ran across one this morning. Of course, I'll have to remember where it was now. I'll help publicize this but I don't think I'd be a good judge. I have a hard time distinguishing between degrees of asshatness.

DromedaryHump said...
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DromedaryHump said...

try this for a graphic for the award. I don't think it is ccopy righted.
if someone could photo shop a pic of jesus on his ass it would be perfect.

If the full link doesnt appear when I post this..i'll email it.

Carolyn Ann said...

I'm willing to participate! :-) I think I'd be better as a judge; I've judged competitions, before, too.

(I'm hopeless as a graphic designer.)

Carolyn Ann

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

I'd be happy to help. And I have my first nominee. It's an obvious one but his attacks on Atheists are frequent (a couple times a day) and filled with some of the dumbest, willfully ignorant and dishonest asshattery you'll read anywhere. Ray "Banana" Comfort.

The Barefoot Bum said...

I'll nominate the Principal who fired the substitute teacher for performing a magic trick, accusing him of "Wizardry".

Magic trick costs teacher job (via Pharyngula)

I'll also volunteer to be a judge if needed.

Oliver said...

I nominate Ben "Science leads you to killing people" Stein.

Dan said...

I 2nd, 3rd... and 50th the motion for Ben "Asshat of all Asshats" Stein...

Anfractuous said...

Here's my nomination. Saw this article with some pretty hilarious comments at Fundie Watch.

Women Forced To Seek
Power, Not Love 8-26-7
By Henry Makow, PhD

His site:

See the rebuttal by the Watcher at

Johnny Crow said...

I am willing to be a judge... though, I don't know what qualifications you require.

My suggestion for the graphic (because I have no skillz) is something along the lines of the thinking man (as in VJACKs image) and a dunce (ass) hat.

I see this as something a kin to the Darwin awards but just for christian asshats. Does it ONLY have to be christian or can it be "Religious Asshats" to allow for other crazy ass people?

I would also like to suggest Ben Stein as well. If I need to write a damn blog post about the idiot. I will.

The Exterminator said...

You can count me in as a judge, if you care to.

Idea: nominees to be weeded by you -- or you and judges -- down to five. Final five to appear in a post, with a poll at the side. The poll will be the vote by readers of your blog.

Of course, this opens up the possibility that anatheists (non-atheists) will vote, but they will still have to choose if they do so.

BEAJ said...

This guy would definitely win just about every Christian Asshat primary he was in the running for.
He is obsessed with atheists.

BEAJ said...

How about using this picture?

Mojoey said...

These are all great comments - Thanks. I apologize for my slow response. I'm working on the road and have limted access to the internet during the day.

for those of you offering to judge - yes thank you to each offer! about qualifications - one must be an atheist blogroll member, and possess the appropriate level of sarcasm.

I really like the idea of offering a panel of five selections and then putting it to a vote.

And I think we should change it to the Religious Asshat Nomination and award. We can call them RANies or some such.

Keep those Ideas coming.

Rev. BigDumbChimp said...

Well count me in

Lab Kat said...

Oh, please count me in... willing and able to serve in any capacity. And, I nominate anything written by Vox Populi on the subject of atheism.

Tommy said...

Dinesh D'Souza!

DromedaryHump said...

whoever the Xtian fucktard was who said that the banana was proof of God's design because it fits the human hand perfectly...him and that Kirk Cameron jerkwad.

weemaryanne said...

Another vote for Ben Stein.

ozatheist said...

great idea vjack and mojoey

count me in

I'll second ben Stein and the 'wizard' Principal