Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bored in Westlake Village

Down where I live in Northern Orange County I am free to leave my home late in the evening for a meal. 9:00 PM is not a deal breaker. The are Hundreds restaurants go choose from. That's not the case in Los Angeles in Westlake Village. I'm stuck in a place that turns the light off by 9:00 PM. The place is a ghost town.

I ventured out to eat at Brent's Deli. It is a highly rated restaurant within walking distance of my hotel. They flipped the closed sign over as I walked up. The place was empty. I'm not complaining, they are only open until 9:00 PM. It says so right on the door. What I'm pissed about is being turned away at two other restaurants because it was too late to serve me.

I ended up driving north on Thousdand Oaks blvd only to find every suitable eating establishment closed or closing. I ended up at Los dos Amigos where I walked into an empty restaurant. The staff was not pleased that I had showed up after the mopping had started, but they insisted I stay and eat. I wanted soup. They obliged. I was happy until a man walked through the door looking for a late nigh bite too eat. He carried a bible.

The inevatable questions started soon after James introduced himself. You know the one. "Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus?" My answer was "I can't say I've ever met this fictional charater". My comment started James talking. He did not shut up for 15 minutes. Which was just enough time for me to finish my soup, pay the bill, and then scurry out the door. I drove to my hotel on the empty streets of this strange city. The only people I saw were restaurant employees heading home for the night.


DromedaryHump said...

"My comment started James talking. He did not shut up for 15 minutes."

Which is why god invented the Bitch Slap.

Mojoey said...

The thought crossed my mind.