Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baptist Pastor robs Dollar General

I cannot make this stuff up. Hobert Wayne Bryant is the long time pastor at Rocky Branch  Baptist Church and allegedly an armed robber too. 

Hobert Wayne Bryant, 55, of North Marye Lane, Luray, entered the Dollar General store in the Woodstock Shopping Center wearing a blue coat, dark knit hat and sunglasses on the day of the robbery, according to police. He approached a store clerk, police said, displayed a gun and demanded the contents of the cash register. As he fled the scene, witnesses were able to note the description of the suspects vehicle.

Source: Local Pastor Arrested For Armed Robbery

What the heck was this guy thinking? Armed robbery for a couple of hundred dollars? If you are willing to take the risk - go big.

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Debra said...

Hey ASS---Why dont you get your story straight. I am Hobert Wayne Bryant's sister. I live in Oklahoma. My brother was not in his right mind when he did this. He had been in an accident earlier and sustained a head injury. He had severe bruising to his brain. This is confirmed by hospital records. They had missed the injury beforehand. So----instead of bashing a good man for not being in his right mind and not knowing what he did at the time, why dont you run your yap about lazy and incompetent personnel at hospitals that do not want to do their job thoroughly. Next time, make sure you know the facts before blowing air out of that ass you call a mouth.

Mojoey said...

Hi Debra. You see the funny thing is that when I posted this I had the story right because that is how it was reported in the paper. Did you check the date on my post?

So the civil thing to do is not call me names and tell me what a jerk I am. But we know you are not civil. Whatever cock and bull story you need to tell yourself to believe your brother innocent, then by all means tell it to yourself. You have lost the opportunity for me to make an update. This stands as written.

Mojoey said...

Debra - so I just checked the news. No story supports your position. In fact it looks like he will stand trial and use your feeble attempt at diminished capacity as an excuse to cover his actions.

and for the record. Good men do not use guns to rob people. Bad men do that kind of thing.

Debra Barrow said...

Debra---Excuse me, but I said HOSPITAL RECORDS NOT NEWSPAPERS----backed this up. This is something that was not let out at the time of your last posting in May. My brother is not a bad man. In all of his years, he has never done anything like this and there are hospital records to back up extensive bruising in his brain. So, this would not be in the papers, but in hospital records. Police have not let the press in to see my brother or anyone else outside of family because people with blogs like yours have put other people in danger. People like his wife, in laws, daughter, and grandson. They get hate mail, hate emails, and hate phone calls because people like you do this type of stupid thing. Hate mail and whatnot can lead to violence when it comes to things like this. People are that stupid. So---how would you know what a civil person is anyway? Yes--you made me mad because of the things you said of this incidence and the problems you cause people with this type of thing. Im sure not only my brother's family gets hate mail and whatnot from all over the country due to idiots like you that have blogs and nothing better to do than bash people you have no way of knowing. Yes--my brother will probably have to pay the time or whatever, but that does not mean that he does not have a head injury because the hospital says there is a serious one. Just because it isnt in the papers doesnt mean that the injury isnt there. You say good people dont use guns to rob people. That is true if there isnt an extenuating circumstance like this. And what of people that murder in passionate rage that sends them into temporary insanity? People are people and many are good but do bad things under certain circumstances. Just remember that just because a paper hasnt written it doesnt mean that there isnt more to the story and that there isnt evidence out there. You havent even tried to dig further than a paper. So typical of people such as you. As far as a feeble attempt to cover his actions, think again. Only facts are coming up in this court case. And if it was your family, you sure as hell wouldnt be bashing them publicly. As far as my name-calling, I call it as I see it and I'm extremely civil to those that deserve it. You, mister, just dont deserve it at all. And as far as your readers go, those that have harrassed the family because of you and your blog and others like it should lay off. The papers of Luray and the surrounding area do not stretch across country. So much of the harassment that the family has had lays directly on the shoulders of the so called "bloggers" and internet columnists of the country. All of you should be ashamed of your actions and not me. I dont apologize. You people dont care what the repercussions of your little piece of the net causes. It isnt right and it isnt ethical. You cause more damage than good when you post on things of this nature.

Mojoey said...

Debra - the thing is, I've had head trauma which resulted in bruising and swelling of my brain. It did not affect my personality. However, I lost vision in an eye, I had stroke like weakness on the left side of my body, and suffered horrible headaches for years afterward. No personality changes, in fact, personality changes not the normal pathology (or so my doctor tells me). So I'm going to call bullshit on your story. The only way I will believe you is if you prove it. That's going to take a medical expert testifying for your brother. I somehow doubt this will happen.

Now lets address the assertion that blogs like mine put people in danger. Again, bullshit. There were about five posts on your brother. The news story was picked up by the AP and sold around the world. I merely commented on the stupidity of his actions. I do this so people will not forget the actions of these common criminals and hypocrites. People need to know that your bother the pastor might stick a gun in their faces for a few bucks.

People send your uncle hate mail because he is a hypocrite. They are ashamed that his actions brought shame to his faith. Don't you get it? Your brother, a pastor, robbed a store at gunpoint. This is a fact.

You rant about there being more to the story. Prove it. Provide evidence. Facts are like gold here. Do you really have any or are you just ashamed of your bother and willing to do anything to cover up for his actions?

And what of people that murder in passionate rage that sends them into temporary insanity? Are you kidding me? Your brother was not in a passionate rage. He simply walked into a story with a gun and robbed it. Like a common criminal.

And lets get something straight. I do this so that the next time somebody googles your brothers name there will be a record of what happened. I'll follow his case through to a verdict. I hope he innocent. But my gut tells me he will be doing time.

So get over yourself.

witchywoman said...

this is just an opinion the real family, friends of this case would not speak of the case and blog your heart out its your right... but its just that an opinion.. your right. whatever your want to think or judge someone for is your right and the more that goes on I guess it keeps you busy so have fun with other peoples misfortune whatever makes you feel better. It is your blog so have fun. Not everyones trauma is the same and I am a medical professional and I am educated enough to know that each case is different.Blog away

Mojoey said...

Since when is a janitor a medical professional?

Anonymous said...

ummm dont know what you are talking about you dont know who I am. I am a medical professional. A Janitor? Don't know where that came from but even if someone were a janitor they could have a better grasp of life and opinions and understanding than you do. Funny how your whole blog just cuts on people. Someone who is a janitor. Since when does a blogger know more than a doctor. I will not respond again.... you are amusing. furthermore, you shouldnt believe all the press posts. you find their "sell" stories on the front page & then find the retractions from their errors printed hidden in the middle. As far as this blog goes... your have an opinion so what? You are one little man and nothing else. I will not even give you the satisfaction of knowing who I am...bye happy blogging hurry think of something clever and degrading to say to make you feel better

Mojoey said...

When people identify themselves as a "medical professional", it is because they can't identify themselves as a doctor, nurse, EMT. So calling themselves a medical professional is the code talk for "billing clerk", "janitor", or other low level position in a hospital.

so what are you? A doctor? A nurse? or something else. My guess is a janitor, or maybe that nurses aid who give the patients their baths. It is just a guess because all that you have offered is an excuse for Bryant's actions.

I've made 3500 posts on this blog. 300 have been about people how abuse their positions of trust. That's hardly "cutting" on anyone.

Is there a retraction for this story? If so, provide me a link. It would be a front page post. Out of the 300 people I've posted on, 1 has been innocent. I posted on him in big bold type right on the front page.

As long as you type Hobert Bryant into google, the first hit will be this blog post. The next time Bryant tries to find a job as a pastor, he will need to explain why he robbed a Dollar General.

I'll post a story when he goes to jail too. That way people can see the whole story.

Good luck at trial.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is that mojoey is as pathetic as they come if all he has to do is type a bunch of BS he kmows nothing about in all reality. just a few stories in the paper. how pathetically sad your life must be. and i'm also willing to bet that your one of those pervs whose has nothing else better to do than to whack off to child porn. PATHETIC

Anonymous said...

I found your story. I read all the comments. You said you would follow the case and give updates for anyone who would ever come across this name. I don't see any sentencing, jail time, or follow-up story - anywhere online. So, what was the result? . . .and you may need to reply to the sister on this blog.