Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Autistic boy banned from church

Apparently God does not like Autistic children, even if he created them that way.

The mother of a 13-year-old autistic boy says she wanted to take him to Mass on Sunday despite a court order that bans him from her church. Carol Race ended up attending a different church - after the Todd County sheriff stopped her and said she'd be arrested if she brought Adam to the Church of St. Joseph in Bertha.

Source: Mom told she'd be arrested if autistic son went to church

It seem odd that a court order is required. I mean - he needs to attend mass right? Or are there rules against giving autistic children access to God? I don't understand. There must be more to the story.

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Spook said...

Looking at the linked article, it certainly doesn't sound unreasonable that they might not want the guy there; 6', 225# and hit some kid once?

It's not really the nicest thing in the world, but I can understand where the church might be coming from.

DromedaryHump said...

plus, according to last nights news reports, he peed in the church,spit at people, and is prone to loud outbursts. They offered closed circuit tv in an adjoining room, or a streaming video to his home... the Mom said no.

Hey, lepers, menstruating women, and guys with mangled genitalia weren't allowed into the temple, why should the church be any more tolerant?

Besides, if God had wanted the kid to attend that church he wouldn't have let him be born that way, or, if you prefer, he woulda given the kid his own church so he could pee, spit, hit and rage from the pulpit. Come to think of it, I'd attend THAT church just for the entertainment value.

jax said...

I attend St. Joseph's in Bertha at least once a month. I have had contact with this family and Adam. The church has offered numerous alternatives to the family which they have rejected. Although they do sit in the back pew of church there are about 20 in the whole church. So sitting in the back really isn't being in the back. He has numerous outburst in church and scared me as a younger child. The restraints are a belt and a chord which to me seems very similar to a leash which I find disturbing. The church has opened their arms to help the family but they family won't meet the church half way. I'm just surprised that he hasn't seriously hurt someone during one of his outburst. The church tried everything. Their intention was not to "ban" the family from attending mass. It was to provide saftey to the rest of the congregation and offer an another alterate besides communal mass. When someone is sick, they will ask the church to come to their home to provide services. This is a regular thing. The church has offered these services to the family.

Anonymous said...

God doesnt' make people autistic. My son is on the spectrum and I in no way believe God made him that way. Things happen to use because we are born into sin,and we are in this world. If you think about the boy that was born blind, they asked Jesus who's sin made him this way, and Jesus answered no one's sin did this. We are not going to be perfect till we are in Heaven with Him.