Sunday, April 20, 2008

A time to unwind

I spent the weekend up at Berkeley visiting with my son and his fiancee.  After a solid six hour drive home, I opened a bottle of Tanduay premium aged rum to unwind. I am normally a scotch man, but I must admit, Tanduay rum is an outstanding substitute. I did not know that the Philippines exported rum. It is just as good as the premium rum brands I try from time to time. I give it my "one glass up" salute.

For you drinkers out there.... enjoy.

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Buffy said...

I've not been drinking any of the hard stuff lately myself. After several cups of Jasmine tea this afternoon I switched over to some Black Swan Shiraz, which is about as wild as I normally get nowadays. It was perfect for a Sunday at home though.

Anonymous said...

It is better if alcohol is not cheap as people then consume more. Systems of alcohol control that did so much to reduce problem drinking in Sweden, depended on restricted availability, high prices and bans on imports.
One heavy drinking person can be having a great time themselves but wrecking the lives of unfortunate people around them. I wish there was no such thing as alcohol, having suffered a few relatives who were "social drinkers".

Mojoey said...

Anon - um... fuck off.

or more to the point, you can pry my Rum from my cold dead fingers.

and... I drank an once of rum last night. An ounce will not hurt anyone.