Sunday, April 13, 2008

So this pastor exposes his willy

I swear, I do not make this stuff up.

Polk County, NC -- A busy mountain highway in North Carolina provided some different scenery this weekend.

Deputies arrested a Baptist minister for parading around the road, wearing nothing but socks.

Source: NC Pastor Says He Made A "Mistake" For Exposing Himself - Entertainment - Augusta, GA

I can't wait to hear the real story on this one. I cannot imagine what it will be.

Do any of my readers know this nutballs name? I could not find it in the press.

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Johnny Crow said...

The picture shows "Fellowship Baptist Church" on the sign. I do not know if this is it or the pastor but here is the webpage:

Or this one:


maybe here:

Ooh or even this one:

Shit man.. How many Fucking churches are named the same... Can't these people be original at least ONCE? I mean it is bad enough that you have a book that isn't updated for 2000 years.. but damn.