Saturday, April 05, 2008

Remember Jeremy Hall?

Jeremy Hall is the Atheist suing the military over religions harassment. It seems that he is still catching hell for his lawsuit.

Spc. Jeremy Hall filed a formal statement Wednesday with the Army. He says he overheard a conversation between two sergeants in his platoon and one wanted to "bust Hall in the mouth."

Hall says he faces the animosity because he is an atheist and is suing the Department of Defense. He alleges it permits a culture that pushes fundamentalist Christianity.

Source: Fort Riley soldier alleges new threats over lawsuit

Of course, Hall could just be asking for it. You know how those sneaky Atheist can be. Let's just frag him get it over with.

It is a very real possibility.


Anonymous said...

You are a dumb fucking hick if you think he should be killed for not indulging himself in the same delusion you partake in. Welcome to the 21st century, jackass.

Anonymous said...

Wow, no wonder our military can't handle a bunch of Muslims. 5 years to get it straight over there when your leaders said 6 months!

Stupid and religious!

You want Jeremy Hall to get fragged? I hope you lose your legs and come home to whore duaghters, drug-using sons and a wife who's fucked every cock in the country.

Yah turd. Watch out for the Iraqi Freedom Fighters, they're tougher than you.

Mojoey said...

Hello 21st century jackass. I am an atheist. The is an atheist blog. I'm on Jeremy's team.

Don't either of you understand sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

Mojoey, so glad you replied to these clowns. Please continue with the sarcasm so I can continue enjoying your posts!