Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A melancholy day on the freeway

ST BridgeI can waste my time on my daily commute, or I can look at the world around me. Sometimes the most amazing things reveal themselves. I was listening to Radiohead while sitting on the 101 freeway near downtown Los Angeles when I came across this amazing play of light, concrete and graffiti. My photo does not do it justice.

My day was difficult. A blinding headache lingered from last night through this morning. I had difficulty focusing. I was important that I do so because today my work was under scrutiny by my customers, team, and peers. I got through it all right. I even enjoyed a nice dinner at Holgren's in Newbury Park. Yet I am strangely melancholy. Something's still bothering me. I need to work it out.  Perhaps a few more pictures will help.

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jamon said...

That's a great photo. U taking pics on the move though?

Brave man ;)

Mojoey said...

yes I do! But only when it is safe.