Sunday, April 06, 2008

Former minister sentenced on rape charges

Terrence Passmore escaped my notice. I will need to amend my news filters to include the words Minister and Rape. Silly me. I thought my various iterations of the search words ~Pastor and ~Convicted would cover most situations.

LIVINGSTON, Mont. (AP) A former Livingston minister has been sentenced to 45 years with the Montana Department of Corrections for the sexual assault and rape of two young sisters.

In December, a jury convicted 49-year-old Terrence Passmore of one count of sexual intercourse without consent and three counts of sexual assault, for events that happened in 1998 when the sisters were 12 and 14.

Source: Former minister sentenced on rape, sexual assault charges... | North Dakota News

Passmore raped three young girls while a Pastor at Livingston Church of God. For his crime, he will serve 30 years in prison.

I don't want to go into the factual basis for Passmore's conviction. Let's just say he is a bastard.


Anonymous said...

I live in TX and have been following this story for some years. It felt reportable, because of the massive scale.

Stew said...

This is an ever expanding project - "pastor, convicted, minister rape"
I see 181000 results on google, for which you are NUMBER 1

Anonymous said...

Yall don't even know this man. Nor do you know these girls! and for the record they were caught in many lies (the girls). and yes i know this because was at his trial..

Anonymous said...

I was also at his trial and I do not see where you say the girls were caught lying. I saw the defence try to make it seem that the girls we not credible. But I also saw where they could not convince the jury that the girls were lying. The fact is that this man did rape and assult children.

Anonymous said...

Have you read any of the facts of this case? If you had, you would know this man is innocent. He was falsely accused by a family with a long history of making money by suing and accusing others.

Mojoey said...

No - he was found guilty.

Anonymous said...

I worked with this man at the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs as a contractor. He was creepy.