Monday, March 17, 2008

Youth pastor pleads no contest to gay sex charge

I still don't understand why this is against the law. Michael Royce was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover cop in a public bathroom. He wanted to leave and go to a private residence to enjoy his sexual encounter. Why is this wrong? The actual charge was "Solicitation Crimes Against Nature", which sounds like Royce was busted because he was hooking up for gay sex.

I guess it would be wrong if you are a youth pastor.  You know the code "gay is bad" if you are a Christian and especially if you are a youth pastor.

Following Penland's plea, which doesn't admit guilt while also not contesting the charges, the ex-St. Gregory's Episcopal Church youth ministry director only has to pay court costs and stay away from recreational property in Haywood County, N.C., where he was arrested in June.

Source: Former Boca Raton church youth director pleads no contest to solicitation of sex charge

I should say Royce is a former pastor. He lost his job over this.


Healyhatman said...

Yes you're right it does sound as if he was arrested for simply asking for Gay Sex.

It's pretty bullshit - if he was just inquiring as to the availability of a bit of gay bum sex then big deal, move on it's the f*cking 21st century. It'd be bad enough for him to have it simply made public to his friends in the Gay-Is-Evil Church Brigade.

If however he was inquiring as to the PRICE of a bit of gay bum sex - that's a different matter entirely.

M.Dorian said...

I agree that this should not be a reason for arrest and dragging someone in to further clog up our court system. And it says a lot about our uptight "morality" in this country. We just went through this similarly with our guv here in NY.