Monday, March 03, 2008

Movies that suck

I watched No Reservations this weekend. It stared Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart, and the wee child actor Abigail Beslin. No Reservations sucked. I know this for three reasons.

  1. My wife left well before the movie ended - she went grocery shopping.
  2. Up until the end of the movie, I could not tell what the movie what about. I am still confused.
  3. I had watched The Jane Austin Book Club with my wife a few weeks ago, so I know a movie that sucks when I see one.

I want the two hours of my life I wasted on No Reservations back. I not sure how to get my lost time back, but I want it back none the less.

The writers, Carol Fuchs and Sandra Nettelbeck, along with the director Scott Hicks, are officially on my newly created "never watch" list.

I told my wife to throw away the DVD. I am sure we will never watch it again. She insists she can sell it. I have my doubts.

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Psychodiva said...

stick to the Cohen brothers is what i always say lol- Hitchcock also for older ones - and I doubt you will seel it too lol

Johnny Crow said...

I watched it too this weekend. The only thing I even remotely liked about it, was the cooking.. even then It didn't give me any ideas for new recipes or anything. I like the little girl and so I figured I would give it a chance.. lo and behold I could find no real plot. It sucked because it could have been a decent movie had the writing and directing even been there to actually do their jobs...

Another movie NEVER to watch.... EVER is Dr. T & the Women...

I watch a LOT of movies and have seen my fair share of good and bad ones... but That is one of the few that I could make no sense of...

I would rather watch Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964). Which is considered the worst movie of all time. I actually own the DVD. I have tried to watch it twice... I sat through 15 min the first time and about 40 min the second.

It is quite a funny and horrifyingly atrocious movie.