Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Atheist objects to $1 million for burned-out church

I don't like to simply repeat a headline. However, in this case I can think of nothing else to do. Rob Sherman, an "atheist activist" from Chicago, has a valid point. Public funds should never flow to a Baptist church.  It is simply wrong.

Atheist activist Rob Sherman says it's unconstitutional for Governor Rod Blagojevich to give $1 million to a burned-out church.

Blagojevich has said Pilgrim Baptist Church would use the money for administrative offices and educational purposes so not to violate the separation of church and state.

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I understand that the church is a landmark and is considered historically significant, yet it is also an active Baptist church. Let local secular and religious charities raise the funds needed to affect repairs. The state should keep its distance.

For background on the issue, please go to this link.

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vjack said...

This I vow: the day after I retire from my present career, I will begin a second career as an "atheist activist" in which I devote myself to engaging in every single one of the in-your-face tactics I cannot do now for fear of being fired. I'll picket area churches on Sunday mornings and roam the area looking for church-state violations to protest. I can hardly wait!