Friday, March 07, 2008

Another pastor falls

No Surprise here. A different city, a different pastor, a different male prostitute.

CHARLOTTE -- A Charlotte pastor was arrested Tuesday after police say he attempted to solicit sex from an undercover male officer near Park Road Park in south Charlotte.

Robert Graff, 58, pastor at St. Luke's Lutheran Church for four years, was nabbed in an undercover sting at the park.

Graff was released from jail on a written promise to appear in court. His first court appearance is scheduled for April 4.

Source: News 14 Pastor charged in prostitution sting

Something tells me Robert Graff is no stranger to the park. What a great example of Christian morality. Hypocrisy I say!


Nebulous said...

It really says something that so many priests and pastors are prone to this kind of behavior; as in, "Maybe your religion isn't psychologically healthy for you."

Carolyn Ann said...

I saw the first line and laughed! What a great intro! :-)

Oh, (in mock stern voice) I do hope you're not implying that all gay guys are Pastors?!? :-)

Carolyn Ann