Monday, February 18, 2008

Youth minister admits to murder

Amid the many stories of hypocrisy I come across, occasionally I find a story which points in a different direction. Like this one... Calvin Wayne Inman, an newly ordained youth minister, admitted to stabbing to death a 64-year-old man in 1994.

The Pasadena man knew he needed to surrender to authorities for something he said he did as a 16-year-old in 1994. That's when, police said he told them, he fatally stabbed a 64-year-old convenience store clerk for cash and cigarettes.

Earlier this month, Inman told authorities he and a then 13-year-old friend planned to rob Mumtaz Grocery store the afternoon of Aug. 14, 1994. When the store's clerk, Iqbal Ahmed, asked for identification, Inman told police he pulled out a large kitchen knife from his pants and stabbed Ahmed once in the chest.

Ahmed died at the store. The two teenagers fled to a nearby apartment complex and never spoke about the incident — leaving the case unsolved for more than 13 years.

Source: Youth minister's admission breaks 1994 stabbing case | - Houston Chronicle

I have another story to write. I'll post it tonight. I good man died in Los Angeles a week ago. It's been all over the press. He was a SWAT officer with a big heart who died in the line of duty. I met him twice. He tried to give me a bible.

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Anonymous said...

Some people don't know what heroism is. You don't commit a crime and then own up your crime and become a hero. We would have no one left if everyone copies that format. Kelley Graham doesn't understand the meaning of hero.

"He's a hero, really," said Kelley Graham, 24. "I don't know how many people would do what he did. The Bible says you just need to confess to God. Calvin took an extra step."

Richard said...

Yeah you're right, He's no superman. To kill the clerk was awful, but to confess after many years is honorable. he is taking responsibility for his existence.

would it be better if he hadn't confessed? or would he be any more of a hero?

Mojoey said...

Not a hero for sure. But I would agree he has honor. And it appears he learned it as a function of his faith.