Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Is the Ron Paul Revolution over?

Ron Paul

Every day I see the Ron Paul Revolution on street corners, on bridges, on lawn placards, on Digg, on youtube, and thanks to the nutball California libertarians, in my email. Now his days are numbered. Thanks to his 4.3% vote total here and in other Super Tuesday states, I think it's over. Somebody wake up the fat lady, it is time for her to sing.

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Dean Barnett RN BS said...

What did Ron do with all the money he collected? Sure wasn't spent on ads. Third party run, maybe?

Richard Brodie said...

My San Diego meet-up group's next event is a sign waving and literature distribution in Carlsbad on February 9th. Ron Paul did his best to talk the country down from the ledge - but on Super Tuesday most of them decided to jump anyway!

We will continue to get his name and message out there as we try for as many more delegates as possible in the remaining States and Territories, on our way to a brokered convention.

Ron Paul could well end up getting the Republican nomination as a dark horse, when he persuades the convention to face reality and admit that the GOP will go down to utter defeat on November 4th with either Romney, McCain, or Huckabee.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul's revolution was over when his primary appeal was to non-voters instead of the rest of the electorate.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that is "Over" is your dedication to your own freedom and Constitutional rights. You are essentially a slave to the Corporate elites. Such a wonderful thing, isn't it? Ah, to be so bold as to dream so large for one's own self. Now go back to sleep and be a good slave, will you?

Anonymous said...

Thousands of Ron Paul supporters, or tens...or hundreds of thousands, if jackasses like you continue to bitch and whine, if Ron Paul is no longer in the race, will cast a vote for Hillary before they cast a vote for a Republican alternative.

Johnny Crow said...

I knew it Joe. One mention of Dr. Paul and they come out of the woodwork. Look people, we (and I am sure I can speak for Joe here too) believe in the constitution and freedom. So stop trying to pull that bullshit and saying we don't you ignorant ass.

Sure Dr. Paul has good ideas and is willing to talk about things that should be talked about, but that doesn't make him the saint you all put him out to be. Like getting rid of the Department of Education? You want to know why we have a shitty eduction system? It is because each state is left to decide what is right. With the dissolution of that entity you would give even more power to the states to fuck up our children as they see fit. Sure Local and State government is great for certain things, but the education of our children should not be one of them. It should be Fair and equal for them all. Don't even get me started on Abortion or Immigration. So stop acting all high and fucking mighty and saying you are the only ones who defend the constitution you prick. We want to defend it too, especially from people who want to see this country revert back to when woman and blacks didn't have the same rights as you pompous ass white boys who have nothing better to do that sit on your ass and blame everyone else for societies problem. Wake up and smell the real fucking coffee. Your movement is not a revolution, its a joke.

Mojoey said...

Dear anonymous supporters of Ron Paul. I am a life long libertarian who happens to think Ron Paul is crazy. His position on freedom of religion, evolution, and ambiguity on matters of race, all call into question his ability to lead our country. I won’t even go into his over the top libertarian rhetoric.

Now that the Republican race is settled by Romney folding up shop, I will be happy to never hear Ron Paul's name again. I hope he fades into obscurity as the Joke of the 2008 political cycle.

Johnny - well said. Your movement is not a revolution, it’s a joke.

Richard Brodie said...

anonym-ass said: "Ron Paul's revolution was over when his primary appeal was to non-voters instead of the rest of the electorate."

Ron Paul's revolution has just begun. Those who appeal "to the rest of the electorate" are called politicians, not revolutionaries.

The fact that the Congress is a reflection of the mentality of the electorate is why we are now looking at thought control legislation (H.R. 1955 - Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007.) Our representatives are the real Domestic Tearrorists - those who Tear up the Bill of Rights and do Legislative Violence to the Constitution.

Osama Bin Laden was overjoyed that he could take down a couple of buildings, but he could not have foreseen that his trivial little act of common criminality would have triggered a destruction of Freedom in America that would turn the United States into a nation of slaves subjected to a much more effective conformity lock-down than Shariah Law could ever hope to achieve.

The Constitution does not authorize the Fed to get involved in uniform nationwide child-brainwashing. So until and unless there is an Amendment authorizing such activity, the Department of Education represents the government breaking the supreme law of the land. And why does the Fed want to be in charge of education? Precisely so that it can inculcate the populace with notions like a johnny crow mentality exhibits, that the government is above obeying the law established to govern it.

Johnny Crow said...

Let me break this down... You said:
"... but he could not have foreseen that his trivial little act of common criminality would have triggered a destruction of Freedom in America..."

Common Criminality is blowing up a building with 2 Jumbo Jets? Wow, where the fuck have I been?

You also said "the Department of Education represents the government breaking the supreme law of the land"

There is no provision FOR or AGAINST education in the constitution meaning that there is no guarantee of an eduction period. However the idea that there should be no standardization between states that have education is absurd. I myself have been in the middle of this when moving from one state to another where the systems are entirely different which caused me to redo several subject regardless if I had passed them or not. It wasn't a major problem for me, considering I had high test scores and took both state proficiencies and passed both with flying colors... But what a waste of time and money not only for me but also for the eduction systems. You seem to think that a uniform system is the same thing as Tyranny of the masses. I am not saying that our education system is stellar by any means but your paranoid fear that the government run education system will be a 1984 scenario where everyone is brainwashed.. who says it isn't already. I consider myself an Autodidact and yet I still consider a Public education a great place to start. You can't merely blame schools on poor students. You have more and more parents who don't even teach their kids anything. They expect the Government or the State to do it ALL.

What kind of a "mentality" do I exhibit? One that thinks for itself. One that wants a real revolution to happen and not some joke of one that the Ron Paul campaigners envision? One that is willing to debate and argue and learn, rather than spout bullshit like a lot of people.

Maybe I am wrong about the education system, but at least I am willing to make a point about it and say WHY. Rather than merely attack the person defending the position.

Furthermore, your bullshit lines about "Supreme law of the land" and the Constitution is almighty... is all crap as an argument. Sure they are good points. But back it up with something real or at least an opinion of your own for once. The constitution is not perfect. Which is why there are 27 amendments to it. The first ten of which are the bill of rights and the remainder int he last 200+ years.

So tell me, in a real argument WHY we should have State run eduction vs Federal Eduction standards? Unless you believe there should be no state or federal eduction since it isn't in the constitution at all.

Johnny Crow said...

I forgot to mention that I NEVER said

"That the government is above obeying the law established to govern it."

In fact I believe quite the opposite, so don't put words in my mouth.