Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Church Deacon Charged With Sex Battery

Hypocrisy and lack of basic controls allowed a "Deacon" with a shady past to rape a15-year-old girl.

Irvin Van Jenkins, 46, is charged with sexual battery, kidnapping and lewd and lascivious molestation of a child.

The alleged victim said that she was attending a baby shower at the church on Saturday when she went to the second floor of the building on an errand and ran into Jenkins.

Jenkins confessed to being inside the United House of Prayer with the teenager, but said that "he only masturbated on her", according to a Miami Police Department news release.

"He came up to her. He started rubbing her and saying that he wanted her," said Lt. Bill Schwartz of Miami police. "She tried to resist. He forced her into a room, pushed her down on a mattress, pulled off her shorts, pulled off her panties and raped her."

Investigators said Jenkins has a criminal record.

"It must be awfully easy to become a deacon in a church these days. This guy has a past for burglary," Schwartz said. "Maybe the pastor thought that he had been reformed and was a good guy."

Source: Church Deacon Charged With Sex Battery - Local News Story - WTVJ | Miami

I think sexually deviant behavior is spreading among the Christians...

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Brian said...

"I think sexually deviant behavior is spreading among the Christians..."

Well that's what happens when you repress your natural, healthy sexual urges - they surface in all kinds of twisted ways.

saco06519 said...

When one goes into a church, (you) do you stand up and say, I killed or stole something from someone in your past.( No).
Can a Pastor can go and view a person past records and then decide if its acceptable for this person become a pastor or a deacon.(No). So it is wrong to say why did the church allow this person or any person to become an active official in the church.

As Jesus said when his disciplies brought the women who had sinned to him.
He that is without sin, cast the first stone, is it correct to judge a church on a man past behavior.

Mojoey said...

saco06519 - sorry - a pastor or church (i always want to type crutch) can do a background check on any person filling a leadership role at a church. Based on the information, a pastor or church can determine that a person with a few problem in his past may not be worthy of trust.

This is not about casting a stone. I am not judging the heart of this poor bastard. this is about using your responsiblities to protect the children in your church from a preditor. Jesus was not telling you to bury your head in the sand. And if you are somebody who allowed this to happen, then I will judge you to be at fault.