Thursday, February 07, 2008

Another "Devil made me do it" excuse

It cracks me up when a pastor offers the standard "the devil made me do it" excuse when caught with his pants down. It is particularly inane when the excuse is offered in writing to a judge who has the authority to send you away for a very long time. Yet, they continue to do it. Take the story of youth pastor Kaipo Cabanting of Hawaii. The devil made him do it too.
August said he takes Cabanting’s religious beliefs seriously but the explanation Cabanting gave in a letter blaming the devil is “not completely satisfactory to the court.” August said that people make conscious decisions in committing criminal acts.
Cabanting was sentenced on two reduced counts of second-degree sex assault, with additional prison terms for third-degree sex assault to run at the same time. The charges were for incidents in 2006 and 2007, when the victim was 13 and 14.
The age for a minor to consent to sexual activity in Hawaii is 16.
August said Cabanting could have cut off his relationship with the minor after being told to do so by police, family and friends after the first sexual encounter. If he had, the judge said he could consider probation and up to a year in jail.
But the second sexual contact nearly a year later called for prison time.

This guy has loser written all over him. 10 years in prison might teach him a lesson, but somehow I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

I know him. Is sad as his excuse is, he was just out of high school at the time, the girl was way over developed, and she came over to his house and stripped naked for him and said lets go! Maybe her parents should've kept a better eye on her?
That is no excuse for what he did, but I don't think that he deserves jail time. He'll have to register the rest of his life as a sex offender. He's only 21, how is he gonna have a decent chance in his life.
He is not a loser, he just made bad decisions. Kaipo, whereever you are, I'm saying prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

Also, he wasn't really a pastor at the time. He had just given it up. You shouldn't be so critical, he's just a kid.
Calling him a loser is uncalled for, he was the star of his hs football team and was just lost.
You're an ass. You don't know who your talking about.

Mojoey said...

right - it's all the girls fault. I understand now. Poor bastard. Far be it for him to have acted like the Christian he was supposed to be and just say no.

What an idiot.

Mojoey said...

On second thought (and after a cup of coffee), I would have to say that yest Kaipo is a complete loser. Let's look at the facts.

No impulse control. Rapes a 13 year old girl. Plays at being a man of god. He thinks the devil exists.He thinks the devil made him rape a girl. He thinks he should be let off for his crime and therefore feels no responsibility for his own actions. He is a loser.

Anonymous said...

So, a hot girl that looks 18 is gonna come to your door and strip, and your gonna say, sorry, not sleeping with you? yeah fucking right.
No one is perfect. Every christian makes mistakes, some just look bigger than others. But, guess what? It's all equal in Gods eyes.
He didn't rape her, dumb ass.
Besides, this is maui, you know how many 14 or 15 year old girls have 25 to 27 year old bfs that they sleep with? At least he was only 19.
Maybe the newspaper said that he was an ex youth pastor, but that wasn't the truth, he was just another regular guy...
Every group that you look at has its bad, and it makes the world a sadder place if you go out searching for it.

Mojoey said...

Yes - I would say no. And I'm sure the story is a little different than your telling of it.

Plus, when a 19 year old sleeps with the 13 year old it's called statutory rape you dumbass.

We are not equal in gods eyes. there is no god. Kaipo is a common criminal. A convicted rapist.

And just to be clear. Your dumbass rapist fucktard of a friend was convicted for repeated abuse. The is no "she showed up one time and he made a mistake here". He is a serial child rapist.

And what the fuck does it matter what 26 and 27 year old men do in your fantasy universe? What matters is that your friend. A man who claimed to be a Christian, repeatedly raped a child.

You stupid fucked up Christians are supposed to make the world a better place by the example you set. Sticking up for a rapist because he is an old friend is the very hight of hypocrisy. Blaming the victim, offering banal excuses for Kaipo's behavior all speak to a man who is morally challenged himself. Go flog yourself and ask for forgiveness.


Kaipo Cabanting said...

Hey joey its Kaipo. So to clear the air for your judgmentality ignorance, I was not a pastor. I was 18 and I had no knowledge of law. Secondly, never forced myself on her, and you can ask her for yourself. Thirdly, there family regrets pressing charges. I never assaulted nor raped her, not will I ever. I have seen dear Amy around. No condemation from her. So before you judge, get the scoops right.
Lastly, I did 5 years with men who look down on that as do myself. Its 2016, I have been blessed to have gotten married, and a job that pays me richly. Friends abundantly who knows my story, oh and I became a MMA champ on Maui at 185. And best of all , I may have never been a pastor ( by the way, Maui News incorrectly printed that by which Im entitled to a lawsuit), I will become one. My story has impacted my island, I testify of Gods goodness. No one like you can stop Gods goodness on me.
In close, this isnt about me. Its about Amy. And since the family agrees I should have never been persecuted, thats the only opinion that matters, not yours!