Sunday, January 13, 2008

Collins mayor arrested in Internet sting

The Internet is the worst thing to happen to the impulse control challenged sex addict. Take pastor Allen Kauffman, Mayor of Collins, Missouri, pastor of Temple Lot Church, and now accused Internet predator and pedophile.

On Nov. 15, Allen D. Kauffman, 62, approached a 13-year-old female decoy during an on-line training session for a Jasper County sheriffs detective, said Brumfield.

Kauffman told the decoy that he did not show a photograph of himself on his Yahoo profile so no one can trace me down, Brumfield said in an e-mail received Friday evening by the Neosho Daily News. However, he later turned on his webcam and numerous screen shots were taken of his face and other body parts.

Source: Collins mayor arrested in Internet sting - Neosho, MO - Neosho Daily News

"and other body parts"... yuck.

Kauffman may have flushed it all away simply because of the ease and accessibility of the Internet. I wonder how somebody in Kauffman situation would have satisfied his cravings before the Internet, adult bookstores maybe?

Kauffman is a Christian pastor and civic leader who allegedly likes 13-year-old girls. Where is the much flaunted Christian morality in this story?


Anonymous said...

As a well read and educated person, I realize as anyone can, that the meida no longer has objectivity.(And with incessant propaganda, when has it ever) Every person who lands in the media cesspool is subjected to media thoughts and is often publicly convicted on allegation alone. Today's morbid allegations mean conviction because the more salacious the more human interest. We all know bad makes news and good is on the back page. The media has a choice and it is obvious they choose subjection and speculaiton before facts or truth. I hope truth speaks before media condemnations. When, and only then, condemn when convicted

Andrew said...

I completely agree with Anonymous, he is innocent until proven guilty... but when he is proven guilty, throw the book at him.
It boggles my mind to think that someone with both spiritual and secular governance, would use their influence in such a disgusting manner. Again, if guilty, he should fry.

Arletta said...

You ask where is the christian morality? Women and young girls being percieved as sex objects is the christian morality. God so said when you destroy other lands take the virgins for yourself. He's just trying to get himself a reward for all his hard work.

Anonymous said...

Ya know you guys shouldnt judge someone else!! Im sure that u guys havent made any mistakes in your life!! Some of you just havent got caught!!Just wait someday a loved one to you guys will get in trouble and lets just see how easy it is to point the finger!!!!! Then besides what you read on the web and what you hear on the TV is a whole buch on crap!!There is little truth to what you hear on anything!!!Just keep that in mind!!