Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nutball Alert: Ron Paul is a nutball

Via The information Paradox. Ron Paul does not accept evolution as a valid scientific theory (as if that were possible).So... Ron Paul joins Huckabee on the lunatic fringe. Oh wait - I think Ron Paul invented the lunatic fringe. He should be comfortable there.


Anonymous said...

His view on evolution does not imply anything about what his policies would include, were he to become president.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's not all the politicians' fault. If they said they believed in evolution they have no chance to win the votes of the sadly very high percentage who say they don't. Ah, what has the USA become, where one's backwards religion-based view of science is important in order to lead the country. This in "the greatest nation on earth"? Sounds more like something you'd hear about in Saudi Arabia....

Johnny Crow said...

Why is everyone afraid to post their names next to their opinions everywhere lately.

Ron Paul not only doesn't believe in evolution (which should give you some insight into his mental state).

but he also thinks life begins at conception.. which in and of itself is absurd. (read that here: )

His stance on religion and its place in government are blurry and moronic. While preaching "constitutionalism" he actually BELIEVES that the country was founded on christian priciples by christian men. He also wants prayer back in school and the ten commandments in courthouses.. oh but he wants "states to choose" what a fucking cop-out.
Read it here ( ) and here ( ).

Just go to his site and READ his own writing on HIS positions. You will finally see through the bullshit.

Thank you MoJoey for posting another truth about "Ron Paul" revolution my ASS!

Mojoey said...

I am a life long libertarian. Ron Paul seems like the real deal on the surface. His anti-constitution stance on religion and his ignorance regarding science disqualifies him. It is a moot point really. Ron Paul does not have a chance anyway. But at least we know where he stands.

Nutball, nutball, nutball.

PhillyChief said...

Sadly, the American position when choosing a candidate is to pick the one who sucks less. All of them say or do something we don't like and of course this is painfully true for us atheists as we all can't stand the pandering to christians. The thing is, this stance of his on Evolution and the separation of church and state are things most of his supporters are willing to overlook because of the numerous other things he's for. Hell, maybe some of them actually agree with that crap. Somehow we have to get the public to realize the importance of Science, of Evolution, and realize to take a position like Paul's is the very act of a nutjob. Until then, we will not only be facing a choice between which candidate sucks less, but which one is the lesser nutjob.