Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I don't believe in you either

Pope Benedict released his second encyclical. Atheism is the target of his heavenly biased criticism. He logic goes something like this:  Lennon was an Atheist, the communist revolution was a horrible thing, therefor every form of atheism is evil. I am sure glad the Pope is not the leader of our secret atheist church, logic  like this would keep the scientists away (we need them, the fill the collection plates).

Marxism, Benedict wrote, had left behind "a trail of appalling destruction" because it failed to realize that man could not be "merely the product of economic conditions." For man to be redeemed, he also needs God's unconditional love.

"It is no accident that this idea (Marxism/Atheism) has led to the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice, rather, it is grounded in the intrinsic falsity of the claim", he wrote. "A world which has to create its own justice is a world without hope."

Benedict also cited Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, and the "intermediate phase" of dictatorship that Marx saw as necessary in the revolution.

"This 'intermediate phase' we know all too well, and we also know how it then developed, not ushering in a perfect world, but leaving behind a trail of appalling destruction," the pope wrote.

Source: Pope: Atheism Led to 'Greatest Forms of Cruelty' |

Is every Atheist a Marxist or a Communist? Does every atheist dream of replacing God with an dictator lead authoritative state? Do we all scheme to overthrow civilization and establish a new world based on Atheism? (Is there a manual for how we are supposed to do this? Can somebody send it to me?).

The truth is Mr. Pope, I am simply a man with no faith whatsoever. Hell, I don't even believe in you. the Catholic church is a shame based on a lie. You are a political hack with no more divine authority than my dog Thor. I grant you ZERO authority over my life.  And by the way, with your legion of pedophile priests raping our children, perhaps you should focus on something that will benefit humanity?

I leave you with my favorite Atheist themed song.

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Aidan Maconachy said...

"Is every Atheist a Marxist or a Communist? Does every atheist dream of replacing God with an dictator lead authoritative state?" (Mojoey)

This is a dead-on observation, because far too often Atheism is equated in the minds of the religious with Stalin's excesses and other similar dictatorships.

States that make a man - for example Mao - into something approximating a living deity, have arguably instituted a form of worship akin to religion. It takes idolatry to a bizarre extreme and is a type of pseudo-religion.

In the document issued for his second encyclical, Ratzinger fails to make the distinctions you draw. What perhaps is even more offensive is the sheer gall of Ratzinger to attack Atheism of any sort given the catalog of abuse and atrocity for which his church is responsible.