Sunday, December 09, 2007

God vs. Darwin

I stumbled upon this small article on this morning.

According to a poll released by Harris, out of 2, 455 American citizens, 82% believe in God. From believing in miracles to heaven and Jesus himself, U.S. citizens have once again proven their religious fervor. This number is relatively unchanged from the same poll taken two years earlier.

An age-old argument, Charles Darwin's theory of evolution versus The Big Bang has been a topic of discussion for centuries. And despite technological and scientific advances in modern society, it is still a much talked about topic today.

Source: - Daily Blog: God vs. Darwin

The article itself is innocuous, except that I really do not understand the Evolution versus The Big Bang reference. These theory's do not cover the same topic so how is there a conflict? It is the comments that made me laugh.

Andrew B (1 post) says:

Evolution is false to me. My brother isn't a gorilla

gcljlamb (3 posts) says:

The Bible describes the wisdom of man as being folly to God. It means the wisest man who has ever lived, lives today, or will ever live, his very best theories, etc. will be like 2+2=4 to God. Consider this: Man would like to believe he's becoming "all that" by the whole cloning thing, but what is that? It's copying. God formed Adam out of the dirt; He built and transformed dirt into blood, skin, bones, nerves, eyes, brain, etc. When man can take dirt and make out of it what God has made without God's "pattern", THEN and only then can we say we've "arrived", not before. Thoughts?

posche (1 post) says:

Well evolution guys plz ask the monkeys dat we see even to this day what are they waiting for?Why aren't they evolving? Perhaps they will sort this out for us after they have evolved and to think that I was once a monkey, God forbid He tells me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I'm sticking to that. O and you who said that if we don't believe in evolution we should not use computers, well u also stop using God's oxygen for your complex-wired brain dat even evolution cud not afford to design, in order to think crap. The big bang theory says that matter came from nothing, and the Bible also tells us that God made the unirvese out of nothing coincidence? You guys are just too proud to admit dat de big bang really is crap? Well in this world de is1 point of reference n dat is God!

Most of the comments are pro-Darwin. I had to mine for the religious nutballs.


DaVinci said...

OMG, get the darwin award ready for that last one.

Johnny Crow said...

do these people not realize that these things are seperate arguments? I mean if you want to talk about God created the world vs Big bang.. then fine... (don't forget the theory of Abiogeneis either). But evolution has nothing to do with that. For one, we didn't "come from monkeys" we both... meaning monkeys and humans, come from the same evolutionary predocessor (Pantrogladte.. Sp?)

so we are two DIFFERENT evolutionary paths.. we hold 98% of the SAME genes and that 2% is what makes up the difference between your cousin bob and an ape. (though maybe less that 1% with you ;Þ ). So as for your religious DOGMA there really is no reason to NOT belive in evolution ... well except for dragons and unicorns... but you should have a beef with geology guys.. its them that say the earth is more than 6000 years old.. but of course, anyone with half a brain cell can see that.

Don't even get me started on a SEPERATE debate when it comes to your Holy books and all the contradictions.. talk about shitty editing... geez.

Jersey said...

We finally got to the point we can create life on our own. A bunch of scientists got together and finally said to God, "We don't need you anymore. We can create life, we have answers to everything."

So God challenged them. "Fine. Show me how you can create life."

So, they finally picked up some dirt before God said, "Wait aminute. Make your own damn soil first."

Johnny Crow said...

... then the idiot woke up and realized what a silly dream he had about an imaginary being and scientists talking.

He soon realized that instead of fearing something fake in order to do good, he soon realized that it is within every person to be good simply because it is right.

... thus began his climb out of idiothood.