Thursday, December 27, 2007

Culture Wars Fought on Digg

Digg is a great source for news. I find and follow stories under my Mojoey moniker. Digg spy turned me on to the Pink and Blue Project, Everyone's cool with it, says dope smokers, and America's Most Literate Cites, 2007 (Buena Park is not on the list). What caught my attention today was a World Nut Daily post attacking the Canadian judicial system. On Digg, the comment threads are often more entertaining than the articles they link to. In this case, Bible standards attacked in Canadian "bastardized courts" fights the gay/anti-gay culture war in a series of comments that make you shake your head in wonder. As I post this, there are 272 comments in the thread ranging from hate filled screeds to hilarious sarcasm.


How about the multitude of events prophesied in the Old Testament that eventually came true as documented centuries later? The Bible does indeed prove its own Truth. If you want to dispute this, you would have to discredit hundreds of historians and archaeologists.


Politicians gone wild! Who believes Congress and the Courts are protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States? This Country is in a clear and present danger of it's own government. If the people will not do something now then when , if ever? Evil men will wax worse. They call this civilization, I say we never left the jungle, and the only rule according to the power elite is winner take all. Truth be known a high percentage of the power elite are queer.

It gets worse, except for some exceptionally bright people who interject critical thinking into the discussion. They give me hope while at the same time I scratch my head and wonder at the stupidity of the haters - In this case, Christian haters. Their fanatical anti-gay hatred is something I will never understand.