Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chocolate love

A friend of a friend opened an online chocolate shop last week. Xuan Patisserie is a speciality chocolate shop producing a small range of unique chocolates in the Los Angeles area. I had an opportunity to take a closer look when several boxes were dropped off as samples by my friend. (He happens to have made Xuan's website.) I cannot eat chocolates for health reasons, but my co-workers, especial a few of the females, could sample with abandon (and they did).

Xuan Patisserie has been established by chocolatier Xuan Ngo to fulfill the growing demand for artisan chocolates. Xuan currently serves as a pastry chef at the Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills.

Ngo was born in Danang, Vietnam and grew up in Les Baux de Provence, France. There, he spent the summers of his childhood in the kitchen of Oustau de Baumaniére. Upon graduating high school, he went to work for Pâtisserie Lenôtre - a renowned Paris bakery.

I don't normally plug products, especially products I cannot enjoy, but these chocolates are special. Once my co-workers sampled a few, it created a minor chocolate feeding frenzy. I actually had people begging me to open a box I had set aside for my wife. It got ugly.

The box for my wife is another story. She swears it is the best taste experience ever. I have a feeling I will be making a regular purchase. Free samples.... its more like crack.

This gem is the best of the lot, white chocolate with pure passion fruit. apparently, those who have tried it experience a foodgasm.

I saw two people actually split one in half - its that good. Chocolatier Xuan Ngo is the real deal. He's worked at Spago, Baumaniere, Sona, Boule, and now works at the Peninsula restaurant in Hotel Beverly Hills.

Xuan Patisserie chocolates are not cheap, a box goes for $22. If you are looking for a special holiday gift, this might work.

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Another Sad Statistic said...

I remember you giving me sample a few years ago when I was pregnant. I was on a limited sugar diet, Omar ate all of them in front of me...didn't even let me taste a tiny bit. Should have known then...