Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blogroll Update: Tidbits for Atheists

The Devout Atheist writes Tidbits for Atheists. He joined the The Atheist Blogroll in October and has been kind enough to provide an introduction.

In his own words:

We atheists devote much time, energy, and words to two themes: 1. disputing the existence of a god(s); 2. expressing our anger and dismay that in our ultra-religious country, reason is so often supplanted by a blind self-righteous miasma of belief in the supernatural. I plan to offer occasional tidbits to help us persevere as an often beleaguered minority. Most of my entries will be short, and some hopefully also sweet. Most will concern atheism, but some will be meditations on various themes.

Drop in and say hi.


Jersey said...

If my blog is part of your blogroll, where do I add this intro so I can get mentioned as an entry on your blog?

Mojoey said...

Jersey - send me an email. My profile has my email address.