Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blogroll Update: Archaeoporn

2007 is winding down. The Atheist Blogroll has grown from about 100 blogs to nearly 550. It has been a good year. I can no longer keep up with reading all the blogs on our blogroll. My guess is that we post at least a thousand posts per day (it seems that way anyway). The latest blog to join is Archaeoporn. Thadd Nelson is the author.

In his own words:

Archaeoporn looks at the misuse of archaeology, with a specific focus on its ties to religious belief and agendas. Articles also cover archaeology news, information on looting, politics, and atheism.

Sample Post:

Talpiot Tomb: Reviewed


just wondering said...

I respect that you're an atheist and all, but...really? Isn't it a little strange to have so much of your identity wrapped up in something that you do *not* believe? Let's have the record indicate that you're waaaaaaaaay smarter then all of the insipid believers. There. Now you can get on with your life and focus your energies on something constructive, eh?
(And by the way, I've scoured this blog in search of the 'deep thoughts' without any success--are they all archived? ;-) )

Mojoey said...

Dood - I mean what the fuck? I put an hour or so a day in on my blog. Is that so much of my life? Not really. As for deep thoughts, again, what the fuck? I started this blog because I like Jack Handy - over time I drifted to Atheism as the theme. Get over yourself.