Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another troubling Huckabee clemency

Hot Air has an interesting piece on a questionable Huckabee clemency. It seems he grated special treatment to a donor.

Much discussed lately is Gov. Mike Huckabees incredible record on issuing clemencies more than 1,000 of them during his 10 years as governor. National Review and MSNBC are both reporting on a suspicious one involving an evidently incorrigible DWI convict who just happens to donate lots of money both to the AR GOP and to Baptist causes in the state. That the story is coming from both a liberal and a conservative outlet at roughly the same time suggests to me that its being fed to the press by a rival campaign, but nevertheless, if the facts are as reported, it doesn't look good for Huckabee

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I cannot keep track of Huckabee's character issues. I'll have to make a post with a list of problems. Did I mention that this guy cannot become our next president?


the chaplain said...

Huckabee may be the scariest candidate of them all. Which is quite an accomplishment, considering the company he's in.

Mojoey said...

I keep hearing "Huckabee is the Christian candidate". If this is the best example they have, they are in trouble.