Thursday, November 15, 2007

Blogroll Update: growing again

Our latest batch off noobs: 

Skeptic's Play (#485)

Fleeing Nergal, Seeking Stars (#486)

Science: The Gap Filler (#487)

Greg Laden's Blog (#488)

Ecstathy (#489)

Did a guy named Phil Start Philosophy? (#490)

The Thinkers' Podium (#491)

The Freethought Cafe (#492)

Eight more to go...


Darwin's Dagger said...

What's the prize for the 500th blog? Or better yet, where's the party?

Anonymous said...

"Fire Jesus" disappeared. Need a recount.

Mojoey said...

dang - I hate when that happens.

Johnny Crow said...

LOL, still looks good though.. It would be interesting if there were say a meetup or a "con" so to speak of the Atheists and Atheist bloggers... now that would be awesome

vjack said...

There continues to be unprecedented growth in the atheist blogosphere. I am well aware that many blogs will not last more than a few months, but it seems like more are being added each week than I can track. Very good sign.