Sunday, October 21, 2007

I wonder if Jesus would live in a 1.4 million house?

Sergio Alvarizares lives in a big house, drives fancy cars, and is alleged to have raped at least 8 woman. Can you guess what his job is? That's right, he's a pastor.

On Monday, Portland Police Bureau detectives arrested Sergio Alvarizares Sr., 38, at his home in Ridgefield, Wash., on suspicion of committing rape, attempted rape and sexual abuse, according to police. The allegations were leveled by eight women in all.

Source: Arrest divides church

I first heard of the case when it hit the press a week ago. I waited to post until more information surfaced. The key to this story is Alvarizares's alleged exploitation of older immigrant women. They are a class of people with few options. It is easy for a sexual predator to take advantage of women in a situation like this. Alvarizares seems to have used his position of authority as a pastor to pressure women into having sex while picking their pockets to support his lavish lifestyle. He sounds like a real "man of god" to me.

It is comments on this story that are most interesting. Some tell a story of incomprehensible blind faith.

Anita is a representative of the blind faithful. Her pastor can do no wrong.

When the truth comes out, God will lift him up to the highest place and he will be glorified. God does every single thing for a purpose even though we may not understand it.

Martinez chronicles Ten Commandments violations.

Looks like just another case of a greedy man dipping into the church's money, buying himself a fancy life with that loot, and then feeling free to dip into the church's women. There's big commandements (sic) against coveting (#9 & 10), that's five so far.

15 year old Vanessa likes all caps while offering this bit of wisdom.


And finally there is mentally ill Jose

I gave all my money to the church. Now I am homeless and beg on the streets. But dont worry, I will be getting a little each day. I will also give this to the church. If it will help our pastor fight these charges, yes I will do this

I don't know if Sergio Alvarizares is guilty or innocent. Fortunately, God has nothing to do with determining his guilt. Alvarizares is in the hands of the State now. He fellow Americans will determine if he spends the rest of his life in Jail.


Renegade said...

Jose deserves to beg....

tina said...

Man, I hate it when someone says, "even though we may not understand it..." That's because it's not understandable! The teen that speaks of this dumbass as having a nice house and cars because it's a "blessing" is just plain out of it! Okay, I do good deeds and help people but don't ask for money, shouldn't I be blessed like that??? :)

Anne said...

So very sad. He must be a very charismatic man to have duped so many people.

Whether he is guilty or innocent (I'd be hard pressed to believe he is innocent just because he seems to fit a certain mold), I hate the damage he has done to these people, the church and to the whole Christian faith.

whocares said...

Renegade,Jose is a liar and a wuss...
Tina, regardless hes not such a dumbass if he has a 1.4 million house and if you give expecting to reveive maybe you should get of your lazy dumbass to work just like he did.
Anne, why are you chatismatic that your speaking by experience
oh and about his mold, is the same one as yours HUMAN!
OH and MR.Joey, by your comments you are sicker than Jose,probably related to the guy.

Kelly Gorski said...

Faith-based belief, particularly that which is found in Abrahamic religions, cultivates willful ignorance, glorified barbarism, and a refusal to be self-sufficient. Once people have substituted their critical thinking for blind obedience and appeals to authority, they have no moral conflict in claiming ignorance of God's will somehow justifies immoral behavior.

And quite frankly, it scares the shit out of me.

Johnny Crow said...

unfortunately 52% of his fellow americans believe that the earth is 6,000 years old and believe in not only what he says but in some of the dumbest shit imaginable...

Anonymous said...

! Jesus loves you! There will be a time when everyone is going to be told the word of God.. it is ur choice to choose if u want Him in ur life... Eveyone makes mistakes.. nobody's perfect! the ten that spoke of the nice cars and stuff... u are right! wen u follow God in watever.. he will bless you! The bible says that it's not by good deeds that one will go to heaven or they would be rewarded... they are good.. but they're not a way to buy urself into salvation! I asist Casa Del Padre church! and God is using us in such a big way! I am 15 years old and im in love with God! Nothing can bring me down! Our youth is going to have a youth event on May 30- April 2.. if there's anyone that would like to go... check out our myspace page at God Bless you all!!

Anonymous said...

first of all everything that is going on now its all bullshit!! there is no TRUE! RELIGION!! ... and all u dumass that are speacking against wat that man did, and those who are defending him i just wanna tell u all GET FUCK'N LIFE! there are more importan things to b worrying about. yes he fucked up! bt non of u all can come clean! we are all siners!! i also attended that church. for many years i grew up in that everyone makes fucken mistakes. cathlics say they have the truth,mormons say the same thing. EVEN THE FUCKEN DEVIL has the truth. maybe if u guys got more into ur bibles u'll know wats up. this world is full of bullshit no one is right no one has the perfect religion ..cuz dumass its not about religion ... its about GOD!!! it has always been and it will always be!! sergio just fucked it up like any of us would. christianity its so mess'd up now. all of us took care of fucking it up for god.