Monday, October 01, 2007

Christian rap and other crap

I love music. There are a few genres I do not care for. Contemporary country does not appeal to me, nor does Christian rock. With these two exceptions everything else is far game.

I once heard a Christian band cover Sublime's What I got. They did a decent job, that is right up until the changed the lyrics to remove the profanity. Then the song became a joke.

I got a dalmation
I can still get high
I can play the guitar
Like a motherfuckin’ riot

In general, I listen to all kinds of music. My wife knows this, that's why she picked up a copy of Christian rap artist Thadius's new Never Say Never CD when she ran into him pimping his CD's in the parking lot of our neighborhood grocery store. It sounds odd, but that's what Christians do, they pimp records to unsuspecting atheists in parking lots.

It was $10 well spent. Never Say Never is outstanding. It's a little Christian hokey mind you, but essentially good music, even if it is God music.

Thadius does it all himself. He can be contacted at:

Thadius Butler: (artist & producer)
Phone: 714.5538162
Links: [bio] []

On another note - I am officially an old fart. Apparently there is a teenage phenomenon sweeping Youtube called Crank That- Soulja Boy. My 12-year-old introduced me to the WINII DA POOH version, I went on to watch a dozen user contributed teen videos all doing the dance. Yep, I'm old.

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Stacy said...

I, too, have my Christian favorites. I enjoy mellow chick music. Jennifer Knapp fell off the radar a few years back, but she's really fantastic. I also enjoy a band called The Benjamin Gate. The boyfriend often makes fun of me for enjoying some Christian groups, but to me, anyone who is truly writing from an emotional perspective - the music just comes out better. :)

Carolyn Ann said...

Barclay James Harvest (an English group) do some really good songs. But as I got older, I found myself tolerating the religious crap less and less. Considering that their format appears to be secular-Christian-secular-Christian, I decided I'd be better off not listening to BJH. Pity, really.

Wishbone Ash did a religious one, once ("The King Will Come", I think); I can't stand it.

I still find irony in the "Devil's Music" being so eagerly used by Christians. Maybe the devil made them sing it?

Carolyn Ann

Mojoey said...

Carolyn ann - I have always viewed Christian music as a desperate attempt to appeal to the masses through borrowing from popular culture. It is so poorly executed in most cases that it is almost like the difference between Van Gogh and painting by numbers – so easy to discern as inauthentic that my child could tell the difference.