Saturday, October 20, 2007

Blogroll Update - Exercise in Futility

The Atheist Blogroll just passed the 450 members mark. One of our newest blogs is Exercise in Futility.  The author has  provided an introduction.

Exercise in Futility is primarily an atheist themed blog.  Since I have a strong interest in history, I often critique religious claims from a historical perspective.  One of my favorite posts was a look at the so called Fatima Miracles, wherein I pointed out the absurdity of the Virgin Mary speaking to some kids in the Portuguese countryside while tens of thousands of men were being slaughtered on the battlefield in Belgium.  If the real Virgin Mary were going to appear to people, wouldn't it have made more sense to appear to the political and military leaders of the countries fighting each other in World War One to get them to stop the carnage?

But I don't think it is enough to just criticize examples of religious bigotry or absurdity.  I believe in using my blog to highlight worthwhile causes and to promote altruistic activities such as donating blood or events such as International Coastal Cleanup Day.  Exercise in Futility is also a place where I make barbed or humorous observations about life, such as my Pet Peeve of the Day series.  Lastly, I want my blog to be a place where people can also be entertained.  Every Friday I have a Friday Funnies post that features one or more humorous clips from movies or television, along with a weekly medley of music videos for songs that I like.  Exercise in Futility has been around for over a year now, and it has evolved a lot since I first started it.  As I become more tech savvy, Exercise in Futility will only become better and better.  I am excited about the possibilities in store for it and hope you will accompany me on the journey.

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