Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogroll Update: Deutschland über Elvis

Deutschland über Elvis has joined the Atheist Blogroll. We all know Headbang8 as the long time blogroll member responsible for High Maintenance Hags. He moved to a new city, thus a new blog.  Enjoy!

Stateless, rootless and godless, headbang8 started life in the theocracy we call Western Pennsylvania, Catholic Church branch.  Escaped to Australia as a teen, and lost faith amid the abundant evidence for evolution one finds there.  Lived in Japan for several years, where religion and superstition are routinely recognized to be synonymous.  Lived in New York for several years, where such clarity on the role of the church is absent.  Finds himself posted to god-fearing Bavaria, which is more secular than it lets on. A law-school dropout, he now works as a global advertising strategy wanker.  Oh, and he's gay, so maybe he should join the clergy.

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olly said...

hey, since this is just a blogroll update, I might as well use it for an off-topic:

Tag, you're it! :)