Friday, September 28, 2007

The trial of Hugh King

Pastor Hugh King is a member in good standing of Mojoey's Pastors Gone Wild club. To qualify one must be a man of the cloth who has committed some un-godlike act, like kicking a dog, punching a cop, or in this case, possessing drugs. It also helps if one is a pontificating hypocrite. King fits the bill.

I'm following the trail of Hugh King because of its tragic content. King was a pillar of his community who was caught with a small quantity of cocaine during a traffic stop. King contents he is innocent, as is his right. His arrest has stirred up some racial tension. As an important leader in the Pensacola African American community, people have made allegations that his arrest was racially motivated. The evidence does not seem to support this allocation. In fact, the case seems simple. King was pulled over because he was riding in a SUV that was similar to one used in an attempted robbery. When the police searched the SUV, they found probable cause to search King. A few minutes later King was arrested for possessing $25 dollars of cocaine.

I would like to offer some advice to other pastors who might like to indulge in some recreational drug use. when the police stop you and request permission to search your vehicle - just say no. In fact, say something like "I do not give you permission to search my vehicle. May I see your warrant please?" Of course, if you leave a knife out in plain view, you qualify as a dumb ass and deserve what comes next.

King's attorney, Barry Beroset attempted to have the traffic stop and subsequent search and discovery of a cocaine coated knife ruled inadmissible. Judge Joel Boles ruled that the officer had "well-founded suspicion" to stop the vehicle King was riding in.

Beroset's challenge focused on the the difference in 911 call's description of the vehicle and the vehicle King was riding in.

On April 27, King was a passenger in a green Ford Explorer pulled over by police searching for suspects in an attempted break-in of a home in the 100 block of D Street in Pensacola.

Police were searching for an SUV described in the tape as a green Chevrolet Blazer when they pulled over the Explorer.

Beroset has argued there was no probable cause for police to stop the Explorer because they were looking for a Blazer.

Source: PNJ.Com - Judge shifts focus to 911 call in King case.

Common sense prevailed - Hell, I can't tell the difference between the two SUVs unless I look at the decals. And green can be gray at night. King is heading for the big house. What I don't understand is why his Christian moral sense does not lead him to taking responsibility for his actions. For a first time $25 dollar drug possession offense, he could cut a deal for drug rehab and never spend a day in prison. Of course, he would become a convicted felon, which might not look too good on his resume.