Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pagan Pride Day

Woohoo! Pagan Pride Day. Sign me up. Why don't they have Pagan Pride Day in LA? I would so go (wait... They had one). Not that I'm a Wiccan or anything even remotely similar. Being around Wiccan's is like hanging out with the people who run Renaissance Fair. The have all kinds of unusual things to see and do, and most of the people are interesting characters I would have fun just taking pictures.

Jacksonville has all the fun.

Statistics are hard to come by, but many pagans - adherents of modern or ancient forms of nature-based spirituality - are becoming more organized.

Jacksonville resident, college student, mom and pagan Elizabeth Ziemba said the trend derives from a need for the strength that comes in numbers.

"It's so ... we can have equality in society and have our religion recognized legally," Ziemba said.

One step in that direction is being taken today, when pagans of all varieties convene for Pagan Pride Day 2007 at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville.

Source: Metro: Story: Pagan Pride Day honors spirituality

The answer to this question made me laugh. How did you become a pagan?

I was raised Southern Baptist and I went to a Catholic high school. So in my teens, I saw hypocrisy between those two faiths. ... I really started searching for something that felt more comfortable.

So... what? You just kind of made something up?

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Carolyn Ann said...

What? You thought other religions weren't made up?!? Just joking!!! :-)

For some reason, I have this image of lots of gay hippies and crossdressers, all dressed in flowing skirts and pants wafting down some Main St.

Sounds like fun. :-)

Carolyn Ann

The Purloined Letter said...

I spent all Yom Kippur (in synagogue and outside) thinking about the pretending that all of us in my progressive community were doing, and feeling absolutely sick. Thanks for your blog and the beautiful quote you have in your profile.

Johnny Crow said...

religion by any name is still a sham!

a lot of the time I am disappointed in those who would be duped and think them stupid... but I realized, they are a victim (though they can become the victimizer). It is those who are the charlatans that we must be shown as such. Take out the perpitraitors to save more victims

aidan said...

I agree with Joe that there are a lot of interesting characters in that community. They tend on the
whole to be pretty tolerant - supportive for example of the LGBT community. Unlike Christians who have a tendency to ‘flock’, pagans value an individual

They can be fun too - I stopped by a fair in Toronto to check out some of the crafts that were for sale
and had a good time - even spotted a couple of Dawkins titles a book seller had out on her display