Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogroll Update: Radical Atheist

Our newest member (#405) is none other than the Radical Atheist; a blog I was already reading. The author offers this introduction:

RadicalAtheist is my attempt to provide a reasonable explanation of atheism for those who question our contentions.  I maintain that atheism is a logical conclusion, not a belief system on par with religions.  The tone of the blog is respectful and coherent; I seldom resort to insulting theists or attempting to humiliate them for their beliefs.  This blog has existed for a little over a year.  My previous blog on atheism was lost in moving to the Movable Type platform and a new URL.  Here's a sample entry from before the move:

Thank god I'm an atheist

{Essay originally publish in June of 2004}

I always enjoy saying that.
Anyway, yes, I'm an atheist. Not an agnostic, not unsure, not waiting for god to show him/herself by letting me win the lottery. I don't believe in the supernatural, in all that statement's literal interpretations. The idea of life after death is as silly as the belief you can contact and speak to the dead. Some of the saints were really nice people, as, I'm sure, was Jesus...but what's wrong with thinking of them as just great examples of what any human could be if they wanted? The Bible, Koran and other tomes of religious belief? Just that, a codified book written by believers to extend their traditions and beliefs. I've been a deeply religious person for many years, so I know what I'm talking about. I've read the books, followed the commandments, paid my dues. So I guess you can call me a born-again atheist. Reality is more convincing than abstract belief.

Usually I don't make an issue of my position. As opposed to many of the religious people who insist I believe as they do or be considered a terrible person, I don't usually care what others believe. They are free to be as illogical and superstitious as they wish. In the end, we all die and none of that will matter. But something came up this week that made me want to discuss this topic for once...