Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogroll Update: The Primate Diaries

The Primate Diaries joined the Atheist Blogroll a few days ago. I think I read the whole thing yesterday. It's good - real good. Eric Michael Johnson has provided a brief introduction:

The Primate Diaries is a daily dose of news and commentary about science, evolution and the forces of unreason.  My graduate research at Duke University is on primatology and neuroendocrinology (the hormones involved in behavior) so my primary interests are on the evolutionary influences of human thought and action.  Intelligent Design creationists are a frequent source of amusement and I enjoy regularly exposing and debunking their insipid arguments.  The Primate Diaries offers commentary and discussion about the latest science illuminating human evolution and the ongoing culture war waged by those who prefer to wallow in ignorance and darkness.

A few sample posts:

Creationist Lunacy in North Carolina
The Feeling of What Happens

My Recommendation:

The Downstream Effects of Biopiracy

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Eric Michael Johnson said...

Thanks my friend. I love what you've organized with this blog roll.